The Bridge Programme - supporting our grantees

Through our Bridging Divides strategy, City Bridge Trust’s vision is for London to be a city where everyone can thrive, especially those experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation. 

Our mission is to reduce inequality and foster stronger communities by using all of our assets and resources (financial and non-financial) for a London that serves everyone.

As part of our strategy, we are planning to pilot our exciting new Funder Plus offer through The Bridge Programme which we have co-developed with our partners, Rocket Science, Locality and the Cranfield Trust.

Invitation to Providers

Do you provide services to build organisational strength and resilience?  Are you interested in transforming how civil society finds and receives support to make it more relevant and useful?

Then you are invited to help us in the delivery of The Bridge Programme!

 It is based on several principles:

  • being diagnostic based, with both self-assessment and triage, as well as independence designed into the ecology of support provided;
  • that there is an accessible point of entry for organisations into the ecology of support that provides for ‘informed choice’ and ease of navigation around the range of excellent support that exists to support civil society in London;
  • that the ecology of support available is demand led rather than supply led and recognises the power of peer to peer support for problem solving and sourcing solutions;
  • that the ecology of support is ‘network’ driven to provide opportunities for collective reflection, learning and problem solving;
  • that is collaborative, both with other funders and resource investors in London’s civil society, and with existing and future delivery partner organisations.

How will it work?

Through the Bridge Programme, City Bridge Trust grantees will be offered support to address a wide range of organisation development opportunities.  To receive support, they will:

  • Register their interest on a programme portal and provide initial information
  • Be assigned to a ‘Connector’ who will take them through a diagnostic, to determine what support is appropriate
  • Be connected to a support provider from the ‘provider pool’

Who’s involved?

Rocket Science is the Bridge Programme’s co-ordinator and will manage the portal and programme overall.

Locality and Cranfield Trust are the Connectors who will carry out the diagnostics, provide the connection with provider organisations, and hold funding to cover costs for providers.

Where do I come in?

Our ambition is to work with a pool of providers who between them can cover the areas we have identified as associated with running a charitable organisation:

  • Governance – to include a focus on Mission, Purpose & Values plus support around organisational culture & leadership;
  • Planning – to include areas such as working in a complex environment;
  • Leadership and management – to include a focus on Mission, Purpose & Values plus (possibly) support around organisational culture & leadership;
  • User-centred service – how do you enable co-production to be at the heart of your activity;
  • Managing people – to include a focus on Mission, Purpose & Values plus (possibly) support around organisational culture & leadership;
  • Learning and development – to include systems thinking;
  • Managing money – the emphasis here should be on organisational sustainability and medium to long term financial planning;
  • Managing resources – the emphasis here should be on organisational sustainability and medium to long term planning;
  • Managing property – to include accessibility, health and safety, and environmental considerations, as well as repairs and maintenance;
  • Digital products – to include their role in the design of user-centred services;
  • External communications – to include speaking truth to power and co-production;
  • Working with others – to include a focus on Mission, Purpose & Values and to ask the big question around the fulfilment of charitable purpose – “does my organisation need to exist?”
  • Assessing outcomes and impact – to include active consideration of ‘your place’ in the [appropriate] ecology and system and a focus on ‘collective impact’.

However, we do not see this list as exhaustive and there are other interventions that can play a valuable role in strengthening an organisation.  These could include:

  • Backfilling capacity in an organisation to enable key staff to attend conferences, networking events, training or action learning sets, for example.
  • One-to-one mentoring.
  • Resource to enable peer to peer support/shared learning amongst organisations.
  • Facilitated coffee trials to spark ideas.

We are open, therefore, to other ideas for our Funder Plus offer.  This is an exciting opportunity to help us shape how we give additional support to our funded organisations, to help us test what good ‘diagnostics’, ‘connecting’ and ‘support’ look like and to share our learning as the programme develops.

What next?

If you would like to register with the Bridge Programme as a support provider, please register here.

Want to know more?

Then please contact us at