Parklife London

Find things to do at your local green spaces

Parklife London is an online map helping Londoners find green spaces near them, what they can do there, and how they can get involved in the community projects and volunteering opportunities that bring London’s green spaces to life. We hope that Londoners will discover green spaces they might not have known existed, find helpful suggestions for what to do, and get involved with the community projects and volunteering events that make our city’s green spaces enjoyable for everyone.

Parklife London was originally part of our ‘Growing Localities’ programme to make better use of London’s green spaces and encourage community engagement, ownership and volunteering.

ParkLife London now covers all 32 Boroughs of London and we want charities, community projects, and Londoners in general to input new locations, volunteer opportunities and comments about their favourite green spaces so we can get the whole of London covered.