Centre for Accessible Environments

The Trust has a long and successful record in funding capital work to make buildings and services fully accessible, most recently through our Making London More Inclusive programme. Uniquely, these grants also require applicants to have undertaken an Access Audit, before they can apply for a full grant. An access audit is the first stage in a process which will make a building or facility accessible to as many people as possible.

When talking to grantees on our access programme, we recognised that there were a number of common and frequent enquiries to the Trust such as ‘what is an access audit?’, ‘how do we find an access auditor?’, ‘how do we find and appoint an architect or surveyor?’, ‘what is liable for VAT?’ and ‘where can we get disability equality training?’. To ensure that organisations received the best possible advice, we began funding the Centre for Accessible Environments for the post of an Access and Sustainability Officer. This post-holder would provide advice and information to voluntary and community organisations wishing to make their buildings more accessible and sustainable.

In July 2016, we awarded Centre for Accessible Environments (which is now a part of Habinteg Housing Association) a long-term grant of £311,000 over five years towards the salary and associated running costs of the Access and Sustainability Advisory Service. This significant commitment will ensure that the service continues to be of a high-standard.


Contact details

The Access Advisor can deal with all enquiries regarding improving access to your community facilities, either directly or by signposting you in the right direction.

Telephone: 020 7822 8242
Email: asas@cae.org.uk
Website: www.cae.org.uk


Further reading

Share the experiences of some of our grantees who have made access improvements to their buildings by downloading our publication Opening Doors Across London.