Strategic initiatives

Our Grants Committee has agreed to set aside up to 20% of our annual budget for initiatives which go beyond traditional grant-making. These are usually pieces of work initiated by the Trust which add value to our work and which respond to learning from our grant-making or to emerging areas of need.

Strategic initiatives may include research, feasibility studies and conferences, and are often undertaken in partnership with other bodies. Organisations cannot apply for strategic initiative grants.

The Trust also runs occasional special one-off programmes, such as the Cornerstone Fund and Bridge to Work.

In this section we are highlighting just a few of the many projects which we fund as Strategic Initiatives. Others, such as London’s Giving are mentioned elsewhere. For a full list, please see the list of grants in our Annual Review or our monthly grant approvals in News & Events.


Call For Ideas

Under the Trust’s three new Bridging Divides programmes, we will be calling for ideas that tackle a specific issue or barrier within London’s communities.

Our second call for ideas has now been launched – see more details below


Responding to the Resilience Risk

We invite your ideas on developing the resilience of your frontline staff. This open call for proposals is part of the Responding to the Resilience Risk initiative. The Ideas Please open call will be launched on Tuesday, 14th May 2019 (09:30 – 12:00) at Guildhall, London. If you would like to attend the launch event to find out more about resilience and about our Ideas Please open call for proposals, please RSVP to by Tuesday 7th May.

If you cannot attend the launch event on the 14th May but would like to apply for this open call, please see the Eligibility Quiz and information here.