Stepping Stones Grants Awarded

To date we have held five rounds of funding under the Stepping Stones programme and a full list of awards made at each round can be found below.

Round 5: November 2018

Organisation & WebsitePurpose of Grant
Strand 1: Capacity Building
Baytree Centre


£8,000 over 12 months for the support of Sporting Assets to scope social investment opportunities utilising its building for the purpose of raising social finance, and frame Baytree Centre’s impact in order to better attract social investment.


Bonny Downs Community Association


£44,400 over 18 months towards research on new income generation options, and to develop capacity and knowledge within the organisation.


London Irish Centre Charity – Community Services


£40,000 over 12 months to determine a suitable operational model for the London Irish Centre.


Selby Trust


£10,000 towards research into community finance mechanisms to increase community ownership and raise funds towards the Selby Centre redevelopment.


Speakers Trust Limited


£49,100 to research, develop and implement the products, systems and processes needed to scale the income-generating trading-for-purpose arm of Speakers’ Trust, enhancing long-term financial sustainability and enable social investment.


Strengths in Communities CIC


£41,200 over 12 months to build the organisation’s capacity to explore the feasibility of new commissioning models and further develop income generating strategies with a view to taking on social investment.


Talawa Theatre Company


£50,000 to allow Talawa to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and organisational development plan with a view to acquiring its own building in London.


Yes Futures


£46,500 over 12 months to implement a CRM system, recruit a full-time Programme Assistant, increase the hours of the Senior Programme Lead and develop plans to raise social investment.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes
 Action West London


£50,000 over 12 months for the full-time recruiter and associated project costs to pilot better outcomes in recruitment, with a view to securing social investment.


Hatch Enterprise


£50,000 to deliver a 12-month pilot of the Social Enterprise Peer Accelerator.


Roj Women Association


£10,000 over 12 months for working capital to develop Roj Women’s Kurds & Whey trading subsidiary.


Toynbee Hall


£30,040 to contribute towards the costs of a pilot year to develop an Innovation Hub.



Round 4: November 2017

Organisation & WebsitePurpose of Grant
Strand 1: Capacity Building


Age UK East London



£45,000 over 12 months to build a robust evidence base and business case for a new hospital admission avoidance pathway for older people in East London.


Causeway Irish Housing Association



£40,000 over 10 months to provide staff management days and purchase consultancy expertise to build capacity in understanding of social investment, use of existing assets to leverage investment and exploration of community shares.


Family Action



£46,000 over 18 months to employ a Development Manager to lead the development work necessary to launch an Edge of Care service in 2018 and to purchase external support from ATQ to facilitate the development of the outcomes framework.


Four Corners Limited



£37,000 to support the cost of the market research, staff, training and consultancy costs for the first two periods of the development of the Fifth Corner.





£28,500 over one year towards the cost of an interim monitoring and evaluation consultant for 6 months, an impact evaluation of the organisation’s work and developing an operational plan.


London Youth Support Trust


£10,000 over 9 months towards business planning and cost analysis to help prepare LYST for social investment.


Migrant Helpline


£45,000 over 12 months to work with Social Finance to develop a viable housing and employment model and attract social investment.


Naked House Community Builders



£45,000 over 18 months towards the costs of a Business Director together with consultancy input to strengthen Naked House’s financial management, risk framework, social impact metrics and social investment offer.


Pure Leapfrog


£49,000 over six months towards the development of the London Community Energy Fund.


St Michael’s Fellowship



£39,000 over 12 months to expand the Caring Dads programme into Lambeth, Wandsworth, Merton, Southwark and Croydon to scope the market and test the feasibility of social investment.


Streets of Growth



£49,000 over 18 months to employ an Enterprise Development Manager to test the project’s viability as a long-term self-sustaining business model to enable social investment.


Teens and Toddlers UK Ltd



£40,000 over 18 months towards the costs of a review of Teens and Toddlers’ approach to evaluation in order to ensure the organisation can provide robust evidence of the outcomes it claims and therefore be more suitable for the social investment market.


Trees for Cities



£45,000 over 12 months to build Trees for Cities’ capacity to develop and implement a range of services that will diversify its income, particularly from landowners and businesses to enable social investment.


Women’s Aid



£49,000 over 12 months to build an evidence base that will enable final refinements to the design of the Social Investment Bond to be made, but also as a key part of the process for formally engaging commissioners and investors.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes


London Play


£20,000 over one year towards 50% of the costs of the London Play (Design) Director.


Longfield Hall Trust


£29,500 over 18 months to employ a Performance Director/Venue Manager and a marketing professional plus other related project costs to develop Longfield Hall as a small-scale performance space and demonstrate revenues that could support social finance.


Round 3: November 2016

Organisation & WebsitePurpose of Grant
Strand 1: Capacity Building


Action West London



£27,000 over 12 months towards the cost of an REC-approved business consultant (15 days), the cost of 0.2 FTE of the existing AWL Operations and Development Manager, and REC training and membership costs.


Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services



£50,000 over 12 months to cover £35,550 in fees for Numbers for Good and £14,450 towards the salary of CDARS staff: the Grants and Bids Manager, the new Business Development Manager and the Data Manager, who will implement changes based on the consultant’s recommendations.


Community Links Trust Ltd



£50,000 over 12 months to cover the costs of a Capital Development Manager who will prepare the business case for a capital appeal as well as the structure of any social investment fundraising.


East London Advanced Technology Training



£50,000 over 18 months, of which £36,700 would be used towards the salaries of ELATT staff members leading and working on research and implementation. £13,300 will cover the fees of CAN Invest and TDM Training, who provide consultancy services in business planning, staff development and social investment support.


Hackney Empire Limited



£48,000 over 12 months towards the cost of 0.15 FTE of the CEO (£16,000); 0.2 FTE of the Head of Development (£15,000); and £17,000 towards the costs of engaging external experts.


Mayor’s Fund for London



£50,000 over 6 months towards a project lead at the Mayor’s Fund and associated technical support in order to explore further the potential for a Social Fund for Young People.


One Planet Ventures


£18,800 over 6 months towards business and development planning to help OPV prepare for social investment.


OnSide Youth Zones



£50,000 over 12 months to cover £41,400 in fees for Numbers for Good and £8,600 towards the salaries of three OnSide staff to develop the evidence base for social outcomes and the financial model for a future Social Impact Bond for Youth Zones.


Social Enterprise UK


£40,000 over 1 year for the costs of undertaking a comprehensive feasibility study and subsequent activities to enable SEUK to be more able to acquire its own building in London.


Sutton Community Farm



£35,300 over 18 months with £23,100 towards the costs of the General Manager’s time; £3,500 to engage external consultants; and £8,700 for training, sales and marketing.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes


Changing Paths Charitable Trust Limited


£46,500 over 12 months for the cost of the pilot cleaning project.





£20,700 over 12 months to cover £11,000 in fees for the research partners, while £5,300 will go towards the salary of the Organiclea Project Manager and the remaining £4,400 towards in-house implementation costs, such as IT or overheads.


Positive East


£35,000 over a 1-year period to support investment in marketing and sales capacity to demonstrate buying propensity for the Re-mind programme to support an approach to the social investment market.


Thames Reach Charity


£47,000 over 12 months towards the salary of a full time Development Manager and on costs in order to test Thames Reach’s Homelessness Prevention Programme.


The Bike Project


£40,000 over 12 months towards the salary of 1.5 FTE bike mechanics.


The Mix



£50,000 over 12 months to cover £25,000 in fees for the specialist consultants, and £25,000 towards the salaries of The Mix Business Development Manager and Business Development Officer who will lead and be involved in the work with the consultants to determine the sustainability of the white-labelling of The Mix youth services.


Volunteer Centre Greenwich


£41,700 over 18 months with £31,250 towards the salaries of the Project Manager and the Project Coordinator. £10,450 of the grant will be used for recruitment costs and to cover 50% of premises, financial and running costs.


Round 2: March 2016

Organisation & WebsitePurpose of Grant
Strand 1: Capacity Building


Age UK Lewisham & Southwark£45,000 over 18 months towards a full time coordinator and on costs working to expand Age UK Lewisham and Southwark’s Help at Home and Happy Feet social enterprise services and examining the potential of these activities for social investment.


Camden Society£50,000 over 12 months to build the capacity of Camden Society for the scaling of Unity Kitchen using social investment.


Croydon Voluntary Action£40,000 over 12 months to develop staff skills, to prepare a detailed business plan, and to draw up options for social investment finance.


Integrated Neurological Services£48,000 over 18 months towards a f/t Business Development Manager (Deputy CEO) to develop the charity’s business model and explore new income streams including social investment.


Isledon Arts CIC£46,000 over 9 months to engage specialist consultants to undertake concept work, research and project management to develop a business plan for multi-layered tracking of young people’s progress within youth services through to investment ready stage.


Only Connect£50,000 over 6 months towards staff management time, expert advisors and legal costs for a feasibility study into OC’s use of buildings to generate income.


ReachOut£50,000 over 12 months towards the costs of the charity’s Operations Director and Director of Fundraising & Impact as they work on the organisation’s quality control framework, character evaluation, and costings.


The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine£50,000 to enable the Royal Foundation of St. Katharine to work with Social Finance over 18 months to complete a business plan and financing model for the property development and investment proposition for the Northern Site.


Women’s Aid£50,000 over 6 months towards the staffing, support and running costs associated with the development of a social investment model to address intractable domestic violence cases in London.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes


Action for Children£50,000 over 6 months to develop a multi-borough commissioning model in London for children on the edge of care.


Bromley by Bow Centre£50,000 over 12 months for a Project Manager and on costs, leading work to pilot the Integrated Social Care Hub offering personalised support to vulnerable adults.


Team Up£50,000 over 12 months to support TeamUp to test its refined business model and conduct further research to improve its prospects of attracting social investment in 2017.


Teens and Toddlers UK Ltd£34,500 over 12 months to employ a project manager who will develop a replicable payment by results model to attract new social investors to the market.


Theatre Centre£20,000 for 18 months to enable Theatre Centre to develop ten Live Packages (audio drama + facilitated workshop) for delivery in London, to provide social investment training, toolkit development and production and to evaluate the product and business mode.


Strand 3: Risk Finance


West London Zone£150,000 towards the cost of West London Zone’s Collective Impact Bond.



Round 1: June 2015

Organisation & WebsitePurpose of Grant
Strand 1: Capacity Building


Action Tutoring£50,000 over 18 months for work to improve tutor materials and training resources, recruitment of a programme coordinator and improvements to the way in which pupil outcomes are monitored.


Age Concern Havering/Tapestry£46,000 over 12 months towards work that will help Tapestry improve its monitoring and measurement of impact, formulate a social investment model and modernise its human resource infrastructure.


Camden Town Unlimited£50,000 over 6 months towards the funding of intermediary support provided by Social Finance to create a business plan and financial model, and raise working capital and development finance to fund initial costs of regenerating a permanent site in Camden for CTU’s Collective project.


Cardboard Citizens£49,700 to enable Cardboard Citizens to develop its business modelling in order to expand its training programme for external agencies.


Communities Into Training and Employment£49,500 over 12 months for work to design and implement improvements to CITE’s information management systems and customer relationship database.


Deptford Reach£50,000 to enable Deptford Reach to work with Social Finance over 12 months to enable it to receive the intermediary support necessary to raise investment for redevelopment.


Forest Farm Peace Garden£12,600 over 12 months towards the development of business plans and fundraising for the East London Growers initiative.


Investing for Good CIC£45,000 over 18 months towards the development of an innovative Charity Bond Platform that will raise social investment for smaller charities to enhance their soclal outcomes.


Meanwhile Space CIC£49,500 over 18 months to build Meanwhile Space’s capacity to provide incubator accommodation to small enterprises on affordable and flexible terms.


Media Trust£50,000 over 12 months towards a marketing and business development programme that will allow Media Trust to explore opportunities for earned income and the potential to take on social investment.


Pure Leapfrog£20,000 towards the cost of implementing loan-fund procedures and documentation for Pure Leapfrog’s new community energy fund.


Women’s Resource Centre£25,000 over six months towards the preparation of a business case for a third sector Women’s Building.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes


Enabling Enterprise£40,000 over 18 months towards Enabling Enterprise’s work to measure and report the outcomes of its work.


Federation of London Youth Clubs£50,000 over 12 months to develop social investment financing plans for London Youth’s Build It programme for young people in the construction trades.


Providence Row



£48,200 over 12 months for a full-time Business Development Officer and overhead costs to work on plans for Providence Row’s bakery and room hire business.


Tower Hamlets Community Transport£49,200 towards the pilot of an online marketplace for community transport in order to bring the concept to a stage where it is ready for social investment and to be scaled up.


Strands 1 & 2: Capacity Building and Piloting Outcomes


National Zakat Foundation£16,900 over 12 months for the development of NZF’s investment model, with the balance of funding raised in the form of pro bono support.