Social investments placed to date

The City of London Corporation established a £20m fund in 2012 to support charitable organisations wanting to access funding through social investment, and to develop the social investment market in the UK. These are the social investments placed to date. Other investments have been committed, but not yet placed.


Snowball placed 16th April 2021

£500,000 invested in a diversified, multi-asset impact investment fund targeting market-rate products which have positive outcomes for people and planet.


Micro Rainbow placed 19th April 2021.

£320,000 to provide safe accommodation dedicated to providing safe and temporary shelter for LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees.


Women In Safe Homes Fund placed 28th February 2021.

£400,000 to support women’s social enterprises and charities to manage residential properties for the delivery of services to benefit vulnerable women, such as those experiencing homelessness, survivors of domestic abuse, are leaving prison or have other complex needs such as mental health problems.


Social and Sustainable Housing Fund placed 5th July 2019

£1m invested in to provide loans to small – medium sized charities, who provide accommodation and support to vulnerable people. The purpose of the loan is to fund the purchase of safe, stable and appropriate housing for those vulnerable people.

A further £1m was agreed in February 2020.


Dartington Hall Trust placed 25th September 2018, redeemed 28th March 2021.

A £3m bridging loan to support the charity with its development plans.


City YMCA placed 22nd June 2018

A £1.75m bridging loan to support the development of the charity’s Errol Street site to provide high-quality accommodation for YMCA clients.


Greensleeves Homes Trust Bond placed 13th October 2017

£500,000 invested in a fixed rate bond for 9 years. This will enable the charity to extend the high-quality and person-centred care and accommodation for the elderly, through purchase and redevelopment of properties.


National Homelessness Property Fund placed 29th March 2017

£1,000,000 invested to purchase one and two bedroom properties across the UK (excluding Greater London) for tenants who are, or have previously been, homeless. Properties will be managed by social lettings agency Real Lettings, a part of homelessness charity St Mungo’s.


Commonweal – Quaker Social Action placed 10th March 2017

£500,000 to provide supported accommodation in the Bethnal Green area for young adult carers (aged 18-24) who wish to live independently and to test which housing and support services result in positive social outcomes for this client group.


HCT Group placed 7th December 2015

£500,000 fixed-rate loan to increase transport opportunities to those with disability or in poverty.


Thera Trust Bond placed 20th November 2015 (redeemed 31st December 2020) and placed 30th April 2018 and 22nd October 2020

An initial £100,000 invested in a fixed rate five-year bond to provide adapted accommodation for adults with learning disabilities, this was redeemed and re-invested in a fixed rate five-year bond in January 2021.

A further £200,000 was invested in a fixed rate six-year bond in April 2018.

An additional £200,000 was invested in a fixed rate five-year bond in October 2020


Glasgow Together Bond placed 29th September 2015

£405,000 invested in a fixed rate five-year bond to provide employment, training and mentoring to 100 offenders and ex-offenders through a property refurbishment and construction programme.


Y:Cube Housing Project placed 20th March 2015, redeemed 29th June 2017

£500,000 towards an initiative from YMCA London South West providing 36 units of affordable accommodation for people who are exiting a period of homelessness.


Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund placed 20th March 2015

£1,000,000 in a fund investing in tradeable debt instruments issued by socially screened organisations.


Affordable Homes Rental Fund placed 13th March 2015

£500,000 in a fund supporting Community Land Trusts to provide affordable accommodation for people who would otherwise be unable to continue living in their local area.


The Foundry (aka Social Justice and Human Rights Centre) placed 10th December 2014, redeemed 31st March 2017

£300,000 invested in the form of a five-year loan towards the conversion of an Edwardian factory in the Vauxhall area into affordable office space which will be rented to organisations working in the field of social justice. The building, which is energy efficient and fully accessible, also includes a conference hall, six meeting rooms, exhibition space and a café.


Columbia Threadneedle UK Social Bond Fund placed 26th November 2014 and 23rd February 2015

A total of £1,500,000 placed in this open-ended fund which is designed to support organisations working across a wide-range of social development themes including employment, housing, and the environment.


Commonweal – Praxis Housing Project placed 10th October 2014

£447,000 invested through a seven year loan funding good-quality accommodation for vulnerable migrants with no recourse to public funds through the purchase and management of seven homes in the Croydon area. The accommodation will benefit up to 210 families and 126 individuals over the investment term.


Greenwich Leisure placed 20th December 2013 and re-invested in October 2018

£500,000 invested in a five year fixed-rate bond. Finance will be used for the restoration of the Royal Greenwich Lido, repurposing the Olympics Aquatics and Copper Box Centres, for developing affordable health and fitness centres in Sidcup and Romford, and for other projects consistent with Greenwich Leisure Limited’s social aims.


Midlands Together placed 31st October 2013, redeemed 22nd January 2018

£300,000 invested in a five year fixed-rate bond. This will be used to provide employment, training and mentoring to 100-150 ex-offenders through a property refurbishment programme across the West Midlands.

Golden Lane Housing placed 1st July 2013 (redeemed on 10th January 2018) and 15th March 2016, and 11th May 2018

£500,000 invested in a five year fixed-rate bond. Proceeds are used to purchase, adapt and let up to 30 freehold properties to Golden Lane clients across the UK, enabling people with learning disabilities to live independently.

A further £375,000 was subsequently invested in the 2014 bond issue in March 2016.

A further £450,000 was invested in the 2017 bond issue May 2018.

Watch a video about Golden Lane Housing


Real Lettings Property Fund placed 24th May 2013 and 12th December 2014

An initial commitment of £500,000 for a period of seven years was made in May 2013. This investment will be used to locate and purchase up to 260 one and two-bedroom properties in London which will provide ‘move on’ housing benefitting up to 600 tenants who are, or have previously been, homeless.

A further five-year commitment of £500,000 was made in December 2014 to purchase up to 45 one and two-bedroom properties in Greater London for tenants who are, or have previously been, homeless.

Watch a video about Real Lettings Property Fund

Read the Real Lettings Property Fund Social Impact Report for 2013/14


Oxfam Small Enterprise Impact Investment Fund (SEIIF) placed 31st July 2012, redeemed 28th November 2016.

$500,000 (£318,513) invested for five years to finance small and medium sized businesses in low income countries, with a particular focus on women’s empowerment and food security. The fund will address the unmet demand by SMEs for access to capital with an emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and the Pacific, and Central America and the Caribbean.