City Philanthropy: a wealth of opportunity


In 2012 City Bridge Trust established City Philanthropy: A Wealth of Opportunity, whose mission is to:

  • embed a culture of effective philanthropy in the City of London and Canary Wharf, particularly among young professionals as part of a career, and
  • to promote London as a global centre for effective philanthropy.

City Philanthropy is a source of information, education and inspiration. Its website acts as a ‘giving hub’ for the City, providing news, inspiration and resources.

One of the central messages of the project is the opportunity philanthropy delivers to businesses, to individuals, to the City and to society. We hope City Philanthropy will help publicise the philanthropy that is so much part of the City and encourage new forms of it among new audiences.

We often forget that the City has a long history of philanthropy. One of its most celebrated Lord Mayors, Dick Wittington, is sometimes described as the original philanthropist. He established a hospital ward for unmarried mothers and financed the first flushing public toilets in London – flushed, that is, by the Thames at high-tide. When he died childless he left everything to charity, endowing and building almshouses, libraries and civic amenities that continue to serve London today.

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For more information on City Philanthropy and philanthropic giving please visit the City Philanthropy: A Wealth of Opportunity website.