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The City and London in general has a proud tradition of philanthropy dating back to the Middle Ages, led by Livery Companies and the Mayoralty. However, at a time of retrenchment of public sector funding and growing inequality, there is a need to do more to inspire, support and amplify great philanthropy i.e. the giving of money, time, skills or assets.

The City Bridge Trust (CBT) and its Trustee, the City of London Corporation (CoLC) therefore jointly appointed a Philanthropy Director in 2017 to develop a cross cutting strategy for CBT and the CoLC. The strategy was approved in the summer of 2018 and is focused on ensuring that individuals and communities, especially those experiencing marginalisation, thrive as a result of higher impact and higher value Philanthropy. An implementation plan was approved in Spring 2019.

For more information concerning funding opportunities under the Philanthropy Strategy, read here: