The City and London in general has a proud tradition of philanthropy dating back to the Middle Ages, led by Livery Companies and the Mayoralty. This continues today with the City Livery Companies giving over £40 million annually to good causes whilst the City of London Corporation is our sole trustee with responsibility for the effective distribution of our £20m funds, and also manages the Bridge House Estates from which our funds originate.

However, at a time of retrenchment of public sector funding and growing inequality, we need to do more to inspire, support and amplify great philanthropy i.e. the giving of money, time, skills or assets.

The City of London Corporation and City Bridge Trust have therefore appointed a Head of Philanthropy to scope and develop a philanthropy strategy to deepen our own impact in this space and also explore ways to support and amplify great giving more broadly in London, nationally and internationally. This aligns with City Bridge Trust’s focus on connecting the capital and on ensuring it is drawing on the City of London’s networks, expertise and assets to enrich the support it offers to individuals and communities in London.

The philanthropy strategy is currently being developed and will be published in autumn 2018.