Current grants awarded

This tool allows you to search for currently active grants using different criteria or by organisation name or keywords. Please note the following on the search filters:

  • Organisation focus: Please note that this is intended as a guide to the overall focus of the organisation and is not necessarily definitive as some will work across several different areas. For more information on the work of an individual organisation, please visit their website.
  • Programme area: These are City Bridge Trust grant programmes, either under our current Investing in Londoners programme or its predecessor Working With Londoners, or other programmes such as Stepping Stones Fund.
  • Borough base: This is the London borough where the organisation is primarily located. For larger organisations which operate out of several boroughs, this may be their head office or correspondence address. Organisations based Outside London will be being funded for work which specifically benefits Greater London and its inhabitants in accordance with our funding criteria.
  • Borough benefit: These are the boroughs which the organisation itself planned to work when it applied for Funding. Grants listed as “London-wide” may be operating across Greater London or open to all Londoners.

We aim for maximum transparency in our grantmaking and are also a part of 360 Giving, an open-data project for grantmakers which includes the GrantNav search tool.