Infrastructure funding: capacity building and representation

Please note: this funding strand is concerned with the work that infrastructure / second tier organisations do to support frontline charities, social enterprises and community groups. Work which represents and/or supports a wider network to maximise their potential. We will announce plans for funding of community voice and leadership work soon.

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Infrastructure funding

We believe that a thriving, vibrant, vocal and collaborative civil society is essential for London to flourish. In order to achieve this, we also believe the sector needs access to high-quality support that helps ongoing sustainability and provides civil society with voice and representation.

We want to fund organisations providing support to other voluntary, social enterprise and community sector organisations. We want to support a civil society that is adaptable, resilient, collaborative, sustainable and driven by communities, with a focus on tackling deep seated structural inequalities to improve outcomes for Londoners.

We are particularly keen to support organisations working with and/or led by groups that have historically faced barriers in terms of receiving an equitable share of the funding, resources, and other support available.

We can fund the following

The voice, representation and advocacy work that infrastructure organisations provide on behalf of their members

and / or

Activity delivered by infrastructure which enables organisations to build their capacity. This could be in one or more of the following areas:

  • Governance;
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • Supporting networks or member organisations to improve their approach to climate change;
  • Fundraising and marketing;
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact management;
  • Managing people, including paid staff and volunteers;
  • Managing resources (financial and non-financial);
  • Managing buildings;
  • Networks / networking / partnerships / collaboration / peer-to-peer support;
  • Co-production;
  • Media and communications;
  • Business planning, operational issues, or service delivery;
  • Digital capacity building.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we are happy to consider other areas of support provision.

You can apply for funding to support voice / representation / advocacy and capacity building services – you do not have to choose between these areas if both will help deliver a stronger civil society.

To make an application, please visit our How to apply page.

The Infrastructure funding: capacity building and representation programme is part of our Connecting the Capital funding programme, created to to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Local communities have better, more sustainable, assets (financial, physical, environmental).
  • Civil society organisations are more effective and resilient.
  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage are better heard and represented leading to better decision-making.
  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage have greater well-being and independence through improved access to arts, sports and other community facilities and services.