Connecting the Capital

Some of these funding programmes remain temporarily closed to new applicants.

What we want to achieve

City Bridge Trust’s mission is to help make London’s communities stronger, more resilient and thriving.  To achieve this, we believe that a healthy and vibrant and well-resourced voluntary sector, working with communities and across sectors, plays a vital role.

What we want to change

Under the Connecting the Capital funding programme we want to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Local communities have better, more sustainable, assets (financial, physical, environmental).
  • Civil society organisations are more effective and resilient.
  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage are better heard and represented leading to better decision-making.
  • Londoners experiencing inequality or disadvantage have greater well-being and independence through improved access to arts, sports and other community facilities and services.

What we will fund

Applications must be for one of the Trust’s Connecting the Capital priority areas, listed below. These priorities will be subject to review throughout the lifetime of Bridging Divides to make sure we best achieve our outcomes.

1. Infrastructure funding: capacity building and representation

We want to fund organisations providing support to other voluntary, social enterprise and community sector organisations. We want to support a civil society that is adaptable, resilient, collaborative, sustainable and driven by communities, with a focus on tackling deep seated structural inequalities to improve outcomes for Londoners.

We are particularly keen to support organisations working with and/or led by groups that have historically faced barriers in terms of receiving an equitable share of the funding, resources, and other support available.

Please note: this funding strand is concerned with the work that infrastructure / second tier organisations do to support front line charities, social enterprises and community groups. Work which represents and/or supports a wider network to maximise their potential. We will announce plans for funding of community voice and leadership work soon.

For more information see Infrastructure funding: capacity building and representation.

2. Supporting Philanthropy

We want to fund organisations which are uniquely focused on increasing the quality and scale of philanthropy (the giving of time, assets, skills and/or funding).

We want to focus our funding on projects which support stronger, more open links between philanthropists (whether individual or corporate) and the voluntary sector with the aim of improving the community sector’s sustainability, particularly around themes or geographies which currently struggle to secure philanthropic support.

We would need to be satisfied that our funding supported philanthropy for the benefit of the inhabitants of Greater London.

3. Voice and leadership

We want to fund specialist organisations who work with under-represented or marginalised communities, and the organisations that support them, to strengthen voice and leadership.

4. Place-based giving schemes

Open to new applicants

Place-Based Giving Schemes (PBGSs) bring together people from different sectors (voluntary and community; public; private) to build stronger communities and leverage their community assets.  Applications should build on our work through London’s Giving and enable place-based giving schemes to develop and become more sustainable.

We expect successful applicants to be part of the London’s Giving network and their scheme to reflect the shared principles that underpin London’s Giving’s approach to place-based giving.

To make an application, please visit our How to apply page.

5. Growing, greening and environmental projects

Applications might include community groups, community gardens, environmental projects, and city farms wishing to bring people together on community gardening projects, including food growing. As well as improving the local environment, you will need to show how your project is making communities stronger.

6. Eco-audits 

Open to new applicants

Our Eco-audits help organisations to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Eco-audits are free and available to all eligible organisations including those applying for, or in receipt of, a Bridging Divides or Investing in Londoners grant.

Applications for Eco-audits will usually only be considered where the lease on the building has at least two years to run. Please follow this link for the Eco-audit application process.

7. Arts, sports, health and/or well-being projects for Deaf and disabled people

We want to fund projects that enable disadvantaged people who are disabled, including those who are experiencing mental health difficulties and people with learning disabilities, to actively participate in the arts, sports and health and well-being opportunities.

8. Arts, sports, health and/or well-being projects for older people

We want to fund projects that enable older people, including people who have dementia, who are disadvantaged to actively participate in the arts, sports and health and well-being opportunities. We define older people as those aged 65 and over.

9. Access improvements to community buildings

Access Audits

Open to new applicants

We will fund building Access Audits up to a total value of £5,000.  The Access Audit must be carried out by an independent specialist, registered with the National Register of Access Consultants or through our partner, the Centre for Accessible Environments.

Applications for Access Audits will usually only be considered where your organisation’s lease on the building has at least five years to run.  You cannot apply for additional capital funding unless an independent Access Audit has been carried out.

For more information on Access Audits and to start an application, please click here.

Capital funding for access improvements to community buildings

Open to new applicants

We will consider access improvements that will make your community building more accessible and user-friendly for Deaf and disabled people, including people with sensory impairments, learning disabilities and mental health problems. We can consider capital funding of up to £100,000 towards access improvements.

Applications for capital costs will usually only be considered where the lease on the building has at least 10 years to run.  To apply for capital works you must be able to provide evidence that an access audit has been conducted.

To make an application, please visit our How to apply page.


We welcome applications for up to five years of funding, and core funding will be considered.

Applications for funding

To learn more about making an application for Connecting the Capital funding, please visit our How to apply page.

Please note that Eco Audits and Access Audits have separate application processes.