What we fund

We receive many more applications than we are able to fund. We usually only support work which most closely measures up to our published priorities and delivers good outcomes.

Any application to the Trust must meet the priorities and outcomes of at least one of our programmes. These are:

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Improving Londoners’ Mental Health
Improving London’s Environment
Making London More Inclusive
Making London Safer
Older Londoners
Reducing Poverty
Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders
Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector

How much will we fund?

  • We have no minimum or maximum revenue grant.
  • A grant from the Trust cannot amount to more than 50% of an organisation’s turnover/income in any one year.
  • Applications over £5,000 in total need to be accompanied by a detailed proposal.
  • Requests for salary costs: it is the Trust’s usual practice to award salary costs at a level of no more than one full-time equivalent post.
  • Capital grants for access improvements will be for a maximum amount of £100,000 and will only be considered for improvements to existing community buildings (ie not new-build) and where the total development costs are less than £10m in total (in line with the Making London More Inclusive programme).
  • See the current grants awarded page for examples of our typical levels of funding.

Track Record

We expect organisations to have a demonstrable track record in the work they do, and be able to provide audited/examined accounts for at least one year  which comply with the relevant regulatory body.

What type of grants do we give?

  • We give grants for either running (revenue) costs or capital costs (not both). Grants for running costs can be for up to three years. 
  • Projects of an exceptionally strategic nature may make an application for a further two years, a maximum of five years in all. Projects must be strategic to one or more boroughs; or be unique; or can be rolled-out pan-London. Applicants must also show a robust exit strategy.
  • Grants of up to £5,000 may be awarded for disability access audits and disability equalities training or consultancy to help organisations obtain the best advice to develop their proposed projects.
  • Organisations can also request a free eco-audit.

Grants will not usually be given to:

  • work where there is statutory responsibility to provide funding;
  • organisations seeking funding to directly replace cuts by statutory bodies, except where that funding was explicitly time-limited and for a discretionary purpose;
  • organisations seeking funding to top up on under-priced contracts;
  • work where there is significant public funding available, including funding from sports governing bodies.

London Living Wage

City Bridge Trust is recognised as a Living Wage Friendly Funder. Any grant awarded by the Trust towards all or part of a post must be paid the Living Wage as minimum.

Organisations can only hold one grant at a time,

except in the case where the application is for:

  • a free eco-audit, or
  • an access audit, or
  • is made under one of the Trust’s special one-off programmes, such as the Stepping Stones Fund.

If you are unsure, please contact the Trust.

Core costs

We recognise that core costs are incurred in the delivery of good services and are willing to consider supporting such costs providing the work supported fully meets the Trust’s stated funding criteria. We support full cost recovery wherever possible.

Policy on reserves

We do not apply rigid criteria on what constitutes a reasonable level of free reserves. Applicants must justify their level of free reserves in relation to their obligations and our assessment process will consider the level of free reserves held in relation to the organisation’s stated policy.

Exit strategy

Organisations must identify how they see the work being funded, if continuing, after the lifetime of our grant.


The Grants Committee meets regularly and applications are accepted throughout the year. It usually takes about four months from receiving your complete application until a final decision is reached. Please take this into account when planning your project.