Reducing poverty

Aims of the programme

London is by far the richest part of the UK and is the engine of the national economy. At the same time, working age poverty is increasing as is poverty amongst those in work, many of whom are working part-time. Child poverty in London is higher than in the rest of England and high housing costs contribute to London having the highest poverty rate of all England’s regions.

The changed economic landscape in London is hitting many communities hard. More Londoners are living in poverty, some of whom have not done so before, with many people unemployed, living on reduced benefits, in debt, facing ever-increasing prices on both basic foodstuffs and energy.

Our programme outcomes

We want to fund projects that will achieve one or more of the following:

  • more Londoners with improved economic circumstances
  • fewer Londoners experiencing food poverty
  • more people accessing debt and legal services

What will we fund?

Good practice

Please show how you:

  • involve service-users in the management and running of the service
  • welcome people from all backgrounds and value diversity
  • value and support volunteers
  • are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint