Older Londoners

Aims of the programme

Londoners in the 21st century can expect to live longer. Many lead an active life and play an important role in their communities. But older people can also face challenges including ill health, isolation, lack of support and lack of respect. Circumstances can be particularly difficult for older Londoners living in poverty.

We want to support older Londoners, particularly those over 75, to live more active and healthier lives and to have more choice and control in their lives through quality advice and support. An increasing number of older Londoners care for family and friends. We want older carers to have the support they need to both support their loved ones and enjoy a good quality of life themselves.

Our programme outcomes

We want to fund projects that will achieve one or more of the following:

  • older Londoners aged over 75 years living more active and healthier lives
  • fewer older Londoners aged over 75 years with depression and more reporting improved well-being
  • older Londoners having increased awareness of benefits, finance, housing and other rights
  • people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia having a better quality of life
  • carers aged 65 years and over better able to access support, advice and respite.

What will we fund?

  • social, cultural and educational activities to encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce isolation for older people aged over 75 years
  • professional advocacy and advice for people over 75 years, particularly on issues related to finance, housing and benefit entitlements
  • non-medical services to support people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
  • work tackling depression amongst older people over 75 years
  • support, respite and advice for older carers aged 65 years and over.

Good practice

Please show how you:

  • involve older people in the management and running of the service
  • welcome people from all backgrounds and value diversity
  • value and support volunteers
  • are taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint

Applicants will be required to have a vulnerable adults policy in place as a condition of funding.