Improving London’s environment

Aims of the programme

London has some of the finest green spaces in any major city, nevertheless many areas suffer from an under-provision of open space and poor air quality.

Environmental education plays a vital role in introducing many Londoners to the benefits and value of conserving and improving the ‘green’ environment.

At a time of growing childhood obesity, many children are unaware of where their food comes from and its nutritional value. School gardens and growing projects can help address healthy eating at the same time improving London’s Environment.

Our programme outcomes

We want to fund projects which will achieve one or more of the following:

  • more Londoners with a greater knowledge and understanding of the ‘green’ environment and biodiversity
  • more Londoners reporting improved well-being through greater use of open spaces and through growing and greening initiatives
  • more young people understanding the benefit of growing local food and its nutritional value.

What will we fund?

  • work to support the environmental education of Londoners
  • outdoor learning initiatives, including city farms, wildlife centres, and river and canal initiatives
  • food-growing projects in schools, delivered by established environmental organisations
  • work maintaining and enhancing biodiversity in London
  • work promoting tree-planting and/or community tree warden schemes.

We also fund free eco-audits for organisations wishing to consider the carbon footprint of their buildings.

Good practice

Please show how you:

  • involve local people in the management and running of the service
  • welcome people from all backgrounds and value diversity
  • value and support volunteers
  • are taking steps to reduce your own organisation’s carbon footprint.