Infrastructure Support for London

The Way Ahead and the Cornerstone Fund

The Way Ahead is a joint initiative by civil society, public sector bodies and funders looking at the future of civil society support in London.  The ultimate goals of the Way Ahead are a thriving civil society which is resilient, collaborative and sustainable and which will lead to improved outcomes for Londoners.

The Way Ahead proposes a system that puts London’s communities at the heart of the way we all work.  The vision starts with co-producing an understanding of need and how to tackle it with communities, through to better sharing of intelligence and data across sectors, to making sure that community voices are heard in decision-making at a strategic level.  To ensure that civil society not only survives but thrives, we need to reimagine the ways in which support organisations and those that fund them work together, for it is only by drawing on the knowledge and resources of all that we can truly harness the potential of London’s civil society for all in our communities.

The Cornerstone Fund forms part of CBT’s Bridging Divides strategy 2018 – 2023 whose vision is for London to be a city where all individuals and communities can thrive and whose mission is to reduce inequality and foster more cohesive communities by using all our assets and resources, monetary and otherwise.

This aligns well with the ultimate goals of The Way Ahead which are a thriving civil society that is adaptable, resilient, collaborative, sustainable and driven by communities, leading to improved outcomes for Londoners.

It also aligns well with our commitment to place-based giving schemes.  The Way Ahead and London’s Giving are inexorably linked in our Bridging Divides programmes, and aim to play a vital role in building communities that are stronger, more resilient and ultimately thriving.

Bridging Divides continues our ongoing commitment to civil society support by offering funding to sustain organisations delivering support for civil society support through grants of up to five years, with applications for core funding welcome.

The Cornerstone Fund complements this longer-term approach by funding initiatives that will bring about the systems change needed in the ways that organisations supporting civil society work with those they support, with each other and with partners across sectors to achieve a strong and vibrant civil society that puts London’s communities at its heart.

The funding priorities for round 1 of the Cornerstone Fund can be found here.