Apply for a grant online

Completing the online application form

The application form is your chance to tell us more about your organisation, the work you would like us to fund and why. Please answer the questions in the application form as fully as possible. The questions are not intended to ‘catch you out’ but help us understand whether City Bridge Trust is likely to be able to support your work.

To make an application you will need to set up an online account using an email address. You will be asked to set a password which you will need to access your application.

You can save your application and return to work on it at a later time using the ‘save and finish later’ button. We recommend saving your application regularly whilst you are working on it and retaining a Word copy of any long text fields.

The Trust will use the email address provided by you on the online form as its main way of contacting you. It is vital that you let us know if any of your contact details change and that you ensure the email account remains active and is able to receive messages. You should check your email on a regular basis once you have submitted your application.

Some questions on the online form are marked as being compulsory and you will not be able to submit the form if any of these are left blank.

For some questions there is a word limit. The word count is shown below the text box and shows how many words you have used out of the limit.

For financial and other numerical questions please enter ‘0’ where the answer is nil.

Supporting documents

We ask for a number of supporting documents to be submitted with your application. Please refer to the Supporting Documents Guidance for full details and to make sure you submit the correct information.

  • Relevant job description(s) and Person Specification(s) with accompanying rate of pay if your application includes costs for any post holders of 17 hours per week or more.
  • Monitoring framework. Please see the Attachment Guidance for help with this.
  • A copy of your Safeguarding policy.
  • A copy of your most recent signed audited or independently examined accounts if these are not available from the Charity Commission website.
  • A copy of your organisation’s constitution.
  • You do not have to submit a more detailed proposal but you may if you wish but to a maximum of two sides of A4.
  • For capital grants access improvements to buildings only: please attach your access audit and/or design appraisal documents.

To upload documents, select the type of document from the drop down list, Then click on the browse button to locate the file on your system, highlight the file and click on the ‘upload’ button.

Attachments should either be Word documents (.doc or .docx), Excel spreadsheets (.xls or .xlsx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf). We may not be able to open documents in other formats.

There is a 10mb file size limit on all attachments submitted through the online application process.If your attachment is too large to be sent this way and cannot be reduced, please call or e-mail the Trust to arrange an alternative means of sending the document(s).

We would prefer you to submit documents electronically. If this is not possible, please contact the Trust for advice.

If you need more information to help you complete your application, there are buttons on all pages of the online application form which take you to helpful links.

Starting your Application

Please complete the Eligibility Quiz to access the application form.

If you require our application form or related guidance notes in alternative formats, such as large print, Braille or audio tape please contact us at or on 020 7332 3710 to discuss your needs.

The Trust has a zero tolerance towards fraud and will pursue prosecutions in every instance.