Re-application criteria

If you have previously received a grant from us and wish to make a further request, please read the following rules on re-applications carefully. If in any doubt please contact us for clarification.

Revenue Funding

Reapplying after a three year grant:

If the original grant was for three years, you may not re-apply to the Trust for the same purpose until a further three years after the final monitoring report on the previous grant was received and was of a satisfactory standard. However, you may apply for a different purpose (i.e. has different outcomes) one year after we receive a satisfactory monitoring report for the final year of the original grant. Please contact the Trust if you are unsure as to whether your new application is sufficiently different.

An exception to this is work that is strategically important for London, which may occasionally be re-funded for a further two years, provided the work continues to meet the Trust’s current priorities. You should, however, ring and seek advice before applying in these circumstances.

Reapplying after a grant of less than three years:

If your original grant was for one or two years and the work is going well, you can apply for continuation funding to cover the remainder of the three year period. This is provided the work continues to meet the Trust’s priorities as set out in our current programme guidelines. You will need to submit a full application and there is, of course, no guarantee that the application will be successful. Please remember that it takes four months for us to get you a decision, so you should allow enough time before your current grant expires. Please contact your Grant Officer for advice.

If you are not applying for continuation funding then the same rules as a three year grant apply.

Capital Funding & Access Audits

If you received a capital grant, one year must have elapsed since the final payment of the grant and a satisfactory monitoring report must also have been submitted a year after the payment of the grant and/or which accounts for a year’s usage of the new facilities.

If you received a grant for an Access Audit, you may apply at any time for funding towards any associated capital works, once the audit is complete.

One-off Grant Programmes

Holding a grant on a one-off programme such as the Arts Apprenticeships, Eco-Audits & the Stepping Stones Fund doesn’t affect your eligibility for a grant under our Investing in Londoners programme.