Grant Reporting & Learning


This page explains what grant holders can expect from our grant reporting and learning processes, including:

  • End of year reporting
  • Learning visits
  • LCRF monitoring
  • Example forms

End of year reporting

What to expect

Towards the end of each year of your grant, we will ask you to complete a progress report outlining what you’ve achieved, the challenges you’ve faced and the key learning from your experiences over the last year.

This is to help us understand the impacts of our funding and how we can best move towards our vision: for London to be a city where all individuals and communities can thrive, especially those experiencing disadvantage and marginalisation.

Our approach

We are committed to making sure all our impact and learning processes are proportionate, transparent and helpful for funded organisations, in line with the IVAR Better Reporting Initiative.

We read everything you submit and use the learning from it to improve what we do.

We aim to respond to all mid-grant reports within two weeks. We may take longer to respond to final reports where no further payments are due.

Further information

You can download more detailed guidance about completing your report here: Impact and learning report guidelines

If you have any questions about our impact and learning processes, or about your grant, please contact your Funding Manager.

Grant learning visits

In response to Covid-19 we have temporarily paused our learning visits to organisations. We hope to re-start these in early 2022.

We usually aim to visit each of our funded organisations at least once during the lifetime of your grant. The purpose of these visits is to help us understand your organisation, the work you are doing and how we can better support you.


London Community Response Fund (LCRF) monitoring

If you have received a grant from CBT as part of the London Community Response, please note the following, regarding grant monitoring and if you have any further questions please email

If you also hold a non LCRF grant from CBT, this will be monitored in the normal way, separately to your LCRF grant.

Wave 1-3 LCRF grants

The monitoring programme for grants made in these waves, delivered with our partner Ecorys UK Limited, has now ended.

Wave 4 grants

We are in the process of putting together a programme and we will be in touch before the end of 2021 to ask you to complete a telephone conversation or online form. The process will be simple and proportionate in recognition that these grants were for small amounts and emergency response work.

The questions will be very simple and will include some or all of the following:

  • What did you do?
  • Who did you help?
  • What did you spend? (please confirm whether you spent all of the funding)
  • What did you learn?
  • What longer-term changes can you see from this work?
  • What ongoing issues are you, and the people you work with, facing?

Please don’t send anything in the meantime though, as it will be difficult for us to track (we’ve made over 1000 grants in this fund!).

Wave 5 grants

We will be in touch after the grant has ended with further information after June 2022. We remain committed to a simple and proportionate process, and the questions will include some or all of those outlined above under ‘Wave 4 grants’.

Impact and Learning report links:

Please note these forms are for reference only, grantees can access the live reports from the application portal.

Access Audit monitoring and evaluation report

Bridging Divides & Investing in Londoners mid-project report

Bridging Divides & Investing in Londoners end of project report

Small Grants monitoring and evaluation report

Stepping Stones Fund mid-project report

Stepping Stones Fund end of project report

Strategic Initiatives mid-project report

Strategic Initiatives end of project report