What we do

Since 1995 we have awarded nearly 8,000 grants totalling over £390million

In 1995 a scheme was agreed by the Charity Commission which enabled the Trust to use its surplus income after meeting its responsibilities for the maintenance and replacement of the bridges for charitable purposes benefiting the inhabitants of Greater London. This currently amounts to around £20m per year.

Our mission is to reduce inequality and grow stronger, more resilient and thriving communities for a London that serves everyone. We will do this by using all of our knowledge, networks and assets.

We want our work to achieve the following outcomes:


Living our values outcomes

  • London’s diverse communities are better represented in all aspects of CBT’s work.
  • City Bridge Trust reduces its environmental impact and effects positive environmental actions.
  • City Bridge Trust funds early action approaches to deep-rooted problems.
  • City Bridge Trust works with others to deliver better solutions to inequality in London.
  • City Bridge Trust adapts its practices and priorities in response to what works and newly identified needs.

Improving how we work outcomes

  • City Bridge Trust uses and coordinates the full range of its assets as effectively as possible.
  • More (diverse) civil society organisations benefit from the full range of City Bridge Trust’s assets.
  • City Bridge Trust has a better understanding of who, what and where to fund.
  • City Bridge Trust shares its learning to increase impact and effect change.
  • Grant making and social investment processes are fair and proportionate.


The Trust has four key areas of work: Grant-making, Philanthropy, Social investment and Strategic initiatives.


We award grants totalling £20m per year, the majority of which will be awarded through our Bridging Divides scheme which has a number of programmes & priorities.    


The City has a proud tradition of philanthropy dating back to the Middle Ages, led by Livery Companies and the Mayorality. We are working to inspire, support and amplify great philanthropy i.e. the giving of moneytimeskills or assets.

Social investment

The Trust manages the Bridge House Estates’ Social Investment Fund, a £20m fund which aims to achieve a positive financial return and demonstrable social benefit. We are also working to develop the Social Investment market and run the Stepping Stones Fund, an investment readiness programme.

Strategic initiatives

Up to 20% of our annual budget is set aside for Strategic initiatives which go beyond traditional grant making. These include research, feasibility studies and conferences, and are often undertaken in partnership with other bodies.