Volunteering on City Giving Day


Being based in the City of London, it’s very hard to miss City Giving Day! It’s an annual day championed by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, and it encourages the giving of time, money, assets and skills across City businesses. This year more than 400 businesses have already signed up to take part.

City Bridge Trust is joining hands with our Trustee, the City of London Corporation, to focus on something each and everyone of can do: contribute our time and skills by volunteering.

This year, the City Corporation and City Bridge Trust are challenging employees to pledge to take up their 14 hours of volunteering leave within the next twelve months. By wearing red into the office and signing a pledge, staff can begin to access the support, training and opportunities available in order to be a great volunteer!

Many people at City Bridge Trust already volunteer, like Karen.

“I’ve been a listening volunteer with the Samaritans for a year and a half. As you’d expect there was very intensive training; in the sorts of calls we’d get, and how to handle them. It feels initially daunting, but the way they train you and support you on your first calls makes you feel at your ease.

I volunteered with the Samaritans because it felt very different from my day job; for me it’s important, in my own time, to do something totally different.

Surprisingly, it’s satisfying. I enjoy my time. I’ve worked in charities for 20 years, in support roles, but this is front-line. It brings home the importance of charities and the impact they have on people’s lives. It’s also opened my eyes to all the needs people have. It’s not until you are the phone, talking, that it hits home: all of the difficulties people are having. It makes you reflect on how lucky you are.”

As well as individual volunteering, the whole team took an afternoon out to help at Stepney City Farm this year. Between weeding, mucking out the goats and painting new signs, we all had a fantastic hands-on afternoon, and hopefully really helped out our friends at the farm!


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