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The Trust is currently seeking to fill three posts, all of which will play a vital role as we continue to implement our Bridging Divides Funding Strategy. Please note that all recruitment is undertaken by our Trustee the City of London Corporation and so all applications must be made via their job portal here. If you have any issues applying please contact 0207 332 3978.

The Trust is committed to Equal Opportunities and welcomes applications from all sections of the community.

Funding Manager (Full-time)

Salary: £38,730 – £43,900 p.a. inclusive of London Weighting

This is an exciting opportunity to work at the heart of the Trust.

As a Funding Manager, you will make a significant contribution towards the successful delivery of CBT’s charitable funding strategy to tackle inequality in London and enable every individual and community to thrive.

You will assess applications to CBT for charitable support to tackle inequality in London: considering the potential to increase impact through the Trust’s evolving ‘Funder Plus’ offer and implementing the Trust’s ‘total assets approach’ to use the full range of funding, knowledge, networks and expertise available through CBT and the City of London Corporation; and make recommendations to Members to guide their funding decisions.

You will manage an interesting and diverse portfolio of charitable funding agreements and ensure that the monitoring and evaluation are carried out; distilling any learning from the portfolio in line with the Trust’s Learning and Impact strategy.

Closing date: 12 noon on Monday 26 November 2018.

For the Job Information Pack please click here.


Head of Impact and Learning (Job Share 21 hrs per week)

Salary: £47,410 (pro-rata) inclusive of London Weighting

This is an exciting opportunity to work at the heart of the Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust (CBT): providing expert guidance on impact and learning to deliver CBT’s Funding Strategy, Bridging Divides – reducing inequality and growing more cohesive communities throughout Greater London.

We will look to you:

  • To provide CBT with expert guidance on impact and learning, helping to shape and develop the Trust’s vision, mission and delivery. You will lead and manage impact measurement, strategic learning and the analysis and dissemination of quantitative and qualitative data on CBT (and other City of London Charities where required) to ensure resources are used as effectively as possible.
  • To develop and implement an emerging learning strategy which looks across all CBT/Philanthropy activities of the organisation over the 5 years of the Bridging Divides strategy, in consultation with CBT’s key internal and external stakeholders.
  • To lead CBT’s relationships with external evaluators, including its learning partner, taking responsibility for the quality assurance of this work and to direct work to be undertaken to ensure the relationship is as effective as possible; using evidence provided to recommend strategic change which aligns with organisational objectives.
  • To apply sector expertise to develop and implement a benchmarking framework for CBT’s monitoring and evaluation work, developing its practice with regard to ‘best in class’ from the charitable, public and private sectors.
  • To develop and implement evaluation systems to ensure effective data capture (such as demographic, economic and social trends) with the aim of monitoring progress against CBT’s strategic objectives, supporting learning, identifying need and opportunities and recommending change where necessary to ensure the best use of the Trust’s resources to maximise the difference it makes and to best accord with its strategic objectives and other terms of reference.

Closing date: 12 noon on 15 November 2018

For the Job Information Pack please click here.


Business Support Manager (Full-time)

Salary: £34,230 – £38,730 p.a. inclusive of London Weighting (depending on performance)

This is an exciting opportunity to work at the heart of the City of London Corporation’s charitable funder, City Bridge Trust (CBT) working to reduce inequality and create more cohesive communities in London. You will manage the operation and delivery of an effective and efficient business support function for CBT and ensure the quality and the internal and external customer’s experience. We will look to you:

  • To lead on the development and maintenance of processes and procedures in relation to charitable and philanthropic administration activity.
  • To manage a team of Funding administrators to enable the delivery of a high-quality business support function for CBT.
  • To support the Head of Director’s Office and Philanthropy Operations with the delivery of corporately driven activity including business, workforce, and contingency planning; and risk register monitoring.

The CBT team works flexibly and encourages applications on the basis of job share.

Closing date: 12 noon on 19 November 2018

For the Job Information Pack please click here.


To apply for either role, please click here.


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