Trust awards over £3.5 million at November committee


At our recent committee meeting on 24th November, the Trust agreed grants totaling over £3.5 million to organisations across Greater London tackling disadvantage.

These included £105,400 to Redbridge Concern for Mental Health for dementia befriending service in the LB Redbridge; £100,000 to St Mary Magdalene Parochial Parish Council to make the church and new community space fully accessible, opening it up to the whole community; and £63,400 to Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureaux towards the third year of an advice service for users of the Wandsworth Foodbank.

Also awarded were three grants towards working across London to provide ESOL services, with two projects specifically aimed at women who are often the most isolated members of a migrant community. These grants, totaling over £190,000, will enable people access mainstream services and activities, helping them to better integrate into society.


Investing in Londoners

English for Speakers of Other Languages
BritSom£59,400 over three years (£19,600; £19,800; £20,000) for the employment of a part-time Women’s Support Worker (15hpw) and for the costs of delivering ESOL Classes to Entry-level and Level 1 standard.

Kings Cross – Brunswick Neighbourhood Association


£81,200 over three years (£26,700; £27,000; £27,500) towards salary (0.5 FTE) and associated costs of providing ESOL classes.

Somali Welfare Trust 

£42,000 over three years (3 x £14,000) for ESOL tutor fees, and project management costs to deliver ESOL classes to Entry-level and Level 1 standard for Somali Refugee women.



Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

EACH Counselling and Support£153,200 over three years (£50,600, £49,700, £52,900) for the full-time salary of the BME Outreach and Engagement Community Worker and associated project costs for the Connect and Change for Better Health project.

Hestia Housing & Support


£99,000 over three years (3 x £33,000) for the full-time salary of a Children and Family Worker at the Westminster refuge.




£106,000 over three years (£34,800; £35,300; £35,900) towards 80% of the inclusive salary costs of a Children & Families Practice Manager.




£159,690 over three years (£51,920; £53,220; £54,550) towards the full-time salary of the Brent and Ealing Service Manager.


Red Balloon Learner Centre NW London


£95,000 over three years (£30,000; £32,000; £33,000) for the salary, on costs and supervision costs of a full-time Talking Therapist providing one-to-one and group support to children.


Improving London’s Environment

CREATE London£42,400 over two years (£25,900, £16,500) for the salary of the part-time (14hpw) White House Garden Coordinator, planting initiatives, volunteer expenses and associated project costs for work at the White House.

Forest School Harrow


£36,000 over three years (3 x £12,000) towards the costs of a Manager for Forest School Harrow. Funding will cover 0.5 FTE.


Somerset House Trust


£91,000 over three years (£34,000; £28,500; £28,500) towards the costs of Somerset House Trust’s Edible Utopia programme, with funds covering 1.5 days p/w of an Outreach Manager plus running costs.


Making London More Inclusive

Age UK Croydon£60,800 for access and improvement works to Scratchley Hall.



£95,500 towards building works to improve access to Toynbee Studios.


Fulham Good Neighbours


£834 to commission an independent access audit for 70 Rosaline Hall, Fulham.


Institute of Contemporary Arts


£5,000 to meet the costs of an independent access audit and consultancy services to inform the redevelopment plans of the ICA Grade I listed venue.


South London Theatre Buildings Preservation Trust


£50,000 towards access works, including installation of a lift, and contributing to the costs of accessible toilets and step-free access.


Southwark Law Centre


£1,300 to commission an independent access audit at Southwark Law Centre.


St Mary Magdalene Parochial Parish Council


£100,000 towards access works on St Mary Magdalene’s church and the new annex.


Older Londoners

Jewish Deaf Association£180,000 over three years (3 x £60,000) towards the full-time Support Services Manager, and lunch and transport costs of Day Centre users.

Living Streets (The Pedestrians Association)


£85,900 over two years (£43,500; £42,400) for a full-time Co-ordinator and project resources to support Living Streets’ work to address barriers to walking for older people in Redbridge.


Redbridge Concern for Mental Health


£105,400 over 3 years (£34,100; £35,200; £36,100) towards the cost of a part-time (21 hours p/w) Project Manager and part-time (14 hours p/w) Assistant, plus running costs to provide a Redbridge Dementia Befriending Service.


The Wallace Collection


£66,220 over 3 years (£18,990; £23,570; £23,660) towards the salary of the Community and Access Officer (2 days/wk), freelance costs and on-costs of the Out of the Frame project in London working with older people aged 75+ and people living with dementia.


Reducing Poverty

South West London Law Centres£165,900 over three years (£54,800, £55,300, £55,800) towards a full-time Client Services Support Worker and associated project costs.

The Cara Trust


£27,000 over two years (£13,400; £13,600) for a part-time Social Worker to manage the weekly food bank service, and associated project running costs.


Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureaux


£64,300 for the third and final year of meeting staffing and overheads costs of an advice service for Wandsworth Foodbank users.


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders

Kensington & Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau Service£96,700 over 2 years (£48,000, £48,700) towards a full-time Advice Worker and associated running costs for a project working with prisoners in HM Prison, Wormwood Scrubs.

The Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt)


£123,400 over three years (£40,100, £41,100, £42,200) towards the salary of a full-time Recovery Support Worker working out of the London Hub, and associated project costs.




£100,700 over three years (£36,000, £33,900, £30,800) for the salary of a part-time (14hpw) Project Coordinator, the cost of Tutors and Mentors, related overheads and associated costs for the Horizon Plus project.


Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector

Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens£180,000 over three years (3 x £60,000) for a learning and support programme to London-based City Farms and community gardens.

Kingston Voluntary Action


£136,000 over two years (£67,000; £69,000) to fund the salary costs of a Superhighways Manager (14hpw), one project worker (28hpw), and associated running costs for the continued delivery of the Superhighways Project.

Strategic Initiatives

Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF)£40,000 towards the City Philanthropy – a wealth of opportunity initiative for three months from January to March 2017.

Cranfield Trust


£205,100 over eighteen months (£120,500 year 1; £84,600 year 2) to Cranfield Trust to provide up to 95 London-based charities with management consultancy support.


Greater London Volunteering


£23,600 to enable GLV and LVSC to work together to establish the London Hub as recommended by The Way Ahead report.


Kings College London


£10,000 contribution to the research and associated project costs of the Barking and Dagenham Migration Project.


London Funders


£14,000 to support the development of London’s Giving for a further 3 months to the end of March 2017.


Mayor’s Fund for London


£500,000 (£250,000 per annum over two years) to the Mayor’s Fund for London to deliver the Enterprise Advisor Programme: creating powerful lasting connections between businesses and schools – improving student understanding of the world of work.


Trust for London


£62,000 to Trust for London – £50,000 for match funding to projects and £12,000 (Inc. VAT) towards the costs of managing, administering and evaluating the pilot crowdfunding programme.


Voluntary Action Camden


£49,900 over one year for a full-time Development Worker and associated costs to establish Camden Giving.


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