Trust awards £1.8 million at its July Committee


At its recent meeting on the 14th July, the Trust’s Committee was pleased to approve grants totalling over £1.8 million to 20 charities across London. These included awards for a combined amount of over £300,000 to three organisations which use the arts in different ways to benefit society, from supporting disabled artists, to educating children and young people about healthy relationships helping to prevent abuse and sexual violence.

Another grant awarded to the Centre for Accessible Environments (a subsidiary of Habinteg Housing) will continue our Access & Sustainability Advisory Service for applicants looking to make their buildings more accessible. Details of this service can be found on our Making London More Inclusive programme.

A full list of grants awarded at our July Committee can be found below:

Investing in Londoners

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health
Rephael House Counselling Centre£31,200 over three years (£10,100; £10,400; £10,700) towards the costs of Rephael House’s play therapy and counselling services for 4–25 year olds.

St Mungo’s Broadway


£135,000 over three years (3 x £45,000) to fund the salary of a full-time psychotherapist post for the delivery of the LifeWorks programme.


The Brandon Centre


£142,500 over three years (£47,000; £47,500; £48,000) towards the salary of the Centre Manager.


Improving London’s Environment

Core Arts£21,300 towards the cost of a part-time Nursery Manager.

South London Botanical Institute


£76,500 over three years (£26,800; £27,700; £22,000) towards the salary of a part-time Education and Outreach Coordinator and part-time Project Manager and running costs of Botany on the Plate programme.


Sutton Community Farm


£90,000 over three years (3 x £30,000) towards the salary of Head of Production and a contribution towards the General Manager’s post and associated project costs.


Making London More Inclusive

Action Space London Events£118,300 over three years (£40,830; £39,340; £38,130) to contribute to the full-time salary of the Co-Director, project set up, sessional staff and associated running costs.

Aidis Trust


£42,000 over three years (3 x £14,000) towards core costs, including a contribution to the Training Manager’s salary, travel, equipment and oncosts.


Stratford Circus Arts Centre


£93,240 over 3 years (3 x £31,080) towards the salaries of the Education Manager and Project Coordinator; the sessional costs of the Artistic Director, Assistant Director, and Artistic Support Workers; and the running costs of the Blue Sky Actors project.


Making London Safer

Tender Education and Arts£100,560 over three years (£17,880; £40,020; £42,660) to support young people in care and care leavers in avoiding or escaping abusive relationships.

Older Londoners

Age UK London£113,200 over three years (£40,500; £40,500; £32,200) for the salary costs of a part-time Programme Officer and Research and Campaign Officer, and associated running costs.

Reducing Poverty

Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network£120,000 over three years (£39,100; £39,900; £41,000) for the salary of a full-time Housing Law Advisor and associated running costs.

The Hackney Foodbank


£114,950 over three years (£37,450; £38,550; £38,950) for a full-time Project Manager and associated costs.


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders

Spark Inside£90,000 over three years (3 x £30,000) to contribute towards the Chief Executive’s full-time salary, rent and associated office costs.

Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector

Community Accountancy Project£36,950 over two years (£17,985, £18,965) towards the costs of an accredited training programme in financial management for small VCSOs.

Inclusion London


£114,200 over two years (£56,500; £57,700) for a part-time Business Development Manager and project overheads.

Strategic Initiatives

Habinteg Housing Association Ltd£311,000 over five years (£61,000; £61,000; £62,000; £63,000; £64,000) towards the salary and associated running costs of the Access and Sustainability Advisory Service.

Hammersmith United Charities


£15,000 towards the development of Hammersmith and Fulham Giving, as part of the London’s Giving initiative.


University of Bedfordshire


£20,250 towards the evaluation of the Barnardos / NSPCC hub and spoke model for children at risk of sexual exploitation in London.


Voluntary Action Lewisham


£24,500 towards the development of Lewisham Local as part of the London’s Giving initiative.



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