Transition Funding Eligibility Quiz

Before you can make an application for funding, please complete the following eligibility quiz. You should read the questions carefully and answer to the best of your knowledge.

Before completing this quiz you should read all of the information in the What we fund section, including the current grant programmes.

Although you may complete the quiz as many times as you wish, we will not fund an organisation which is ineligible.

Whilst we cannot guarantee turnaround times, we will endeavour to respond within four months. We will notify you whether you are successful in your application or not.

Are you applying on behalf of an organisation (and not as an individual)?

We can only fund organisations and not individuals. For information on grants offered by the City of London, please click here.

Which of the following describes your organisation’s legal status?

We will only fund organisation which meet at least one of the listed legal statuses.

Are you able to provide at least one year’s independently examined or audited accounts?

Organisations must have at least one year’s independently examined or audited accounts before they are eligible to apply.

Is your organisation one of the following:

We will not fund any of these listed types of organisations.

Is the application you are making for work that would take place in and / or benefit one or more Greater London Boroughs including the City?

We can only fund work which will benefit the inhabitants of Greater London.

Are you applying for City Bridge Trust’s Transition Funding programme?

This application form is only for our Transition Funding programme. For other funding from City Bridge Trust, see Grant making at City Bridge Trust.