Draft Strategy

We are excited to be able to share the draft strategy with you, which has already been changed from the version presented to our Committee on 6 February 2017, in light of the feedback received.  You can stay up-to-date on how to engage with the re-drafting of the strategy through our Get Involved page.

Please use the links below to access the following:

  1. The Draft Strategy
  2. A Frequently Asked Questions page – which we will update regularly in light of the feedback
  3. The full CBT Committee paper relating to the draft strategy on 6th February 2017
  4. The presentation that was given to the CBT Committee on 6th February 2017


A summary of the draft funding strategy – Bridging Divides

Like many independent funders, CBT is committed to tackling some of the toughest social issues facing the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in 21st century society.  Our intention has been to conduct a Strategic Review that is robust, of its time, and effectively takes in to consideration and reflects the diversity of views expressed by internal and external stakeholders, which have been gathered in multiple ways.

A visual representation of the strategy is included as part of this document and is reproduced below.  The key points to highlight are:

1. This strategy is anchored in and led by a renewed vision and set of values. The vision makes clearer our commitment to supporting marginalised and disadvantaged Londoners, in order to reduce the inequalities they face.  We have also expanded our values base, and what we mean by each of these.  It is our hope that a shared commitment to our vision and values will form the basis of the partnerships we enter in to with the groups that we support.


2. The focus of the upcoming consultation will be to articulate our funding priorities for the next strategy. At the moment, we are referring to these as:

•  Place based funding
•  Addressing inequalities
•  Transitions
•  Fairness and voice

The starting point for all investments will be our vision and values.  There was feedback that our current Investing in Londoners strategy was too programme and process led, and so we hope that by introducing more flexibility and breadth to what we will fund, we will be able to continue to fund great work more effectively.  We know that we will still have clearly articulated priorities, but these will be determined by the learning we gather from our networks, our partners and our funding portfolio.


3. The approaches we use to fund our partners, along with our funder ‘plus’ offer will be aligned in order to provide us with a clear depiction of our asset base, and how we intend to use it. We want to avoid parts of our funding offer working in isolation, and we re committed to implementing processes that are flexible, creative and proportionate.


4. The strategy that we set out for 2018 will have changed by 2023. There is so much uncertainty ahead of us, in terms of: Brexit, a general election, a mayoral election and the overwhelming feedback from stakeholders that there are communities and civil society organisations that are in crisis.  It is important therefore to have a strategy that is committed to adapting and learning, which looks at where it is making progress and where it needs to change, in response to these uncertainties.

Strategic Review - Draft One v7

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