Strategic Review

We are now finalising our strategy, before sharing it publicly in July 2017. 

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Every five years, City Bridge Trust (CBT) conducts a review and assessment of the work that it does in fulfilling its current vision of a fairer London.  This process ensures that we stay relevant and alive to the changing needs of Londoners.

As you know, since September 2016, we have been working hard to develop our next funding strategy for 2018 to 2023. We have been working hard to include as wide an audience as possible in the review, and we owe a huge thank you to the many individuals and organisations that have been working with us so far.  People have joined us using a number of different channels, and if you want to have your say, then you can find out more through our Get involved page.

By the end of July, we will have done the following in order to inform the development of CBT’s 2018-2023 funding strategy:

  1. Work meaningfully with a range of internal and external audiences, in order to understand the new and existing needs and opportunities in London.
  1. Understand better the assets CBT has to offer Londoners, beyond just our funding.
  1. Robustly review CBT’s current approaches to grant-making, social investment, encouraging philanthropy and influencing public policy, by speaking to internal and external audiences.
  1. Draft, and then finalise, a clear and accessible funding strategy for 2018-2023 which is supported by a range of internal and external audiences. The strategy will show what CBT seeks to support in London, why it plans to do this, how it intends to implement its strategy and the rationale for the strategy.
  1. Develop a timeline for the implementation of the CBT strategy.

We are hopeful that our review process will give us the time to think deeply about our role in ensuring that London is a city where everyone can thrive.  We want to work together to develop a funding strategy that really rises to the challenges and opportunities that exist within London.

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