September grants awarded


At the Trust’s recent grants committee on Friday 7th September, grants totalling over £2 million. These awards ranged from ESOL classes for refugees, support for older people with dementia and their families and advice for people with debt and financial issues. Specific grants included:

  • £254,600 to eating disorder charity Beat, for support to young Londoners helping them to begin specialist treatment as earlier, which is shown to improve the chances of successful recovery.
  • £48,800 to Whizz-Kidz towards the Fair Chance in Sport programme, providing disabled young Londoners with the opportunity to take part in activities including tennis, boccia, new age curling, polly bat, self-defence and wheelpower slalom.
  • £105,000 to Clink Charity, which aims to reduce re-offending by providing prisoners with training in catering, hospitality and horticulture. This award will fund a Support Worker based in High Down Prison, providing additional advice & mentoring to help clients find and maintain long-term employment after they are released.

A full list of grants awarded can be found below.


Investing in Londoners

Greening the Third Sector

Young Futures CIC


£2,800 towards the costs of an eco-audit.


English for Speakers of Other Languages

Barnet Refugee Service


£142,940 over three years (£46,360; £47,550; £49,030) towards the part-time salary costs of the ESOL Coordinator, ESOL Administrator, sessional ESOL teachers and running costs of a programme of ESOL classes in Barnet.


Improving Londoners’ Mental Health



£254,600 over three years (£77,200; £85,000; £92,400) for the London Strategy to support young Londoners affected by eating disorders to begin specialist treatment as early as possible, and so achieve a rapid and sustained recovery.


Passage 2000


£120,000 over three years (3 x £40,000) to meet the salary, on costs and a contribution to management charges of a full-time specialist mental health worker.


Making London More Inclusive

Bishop Creighton House


£106,500 over three years (£35,000; £35,500; £36,000) for the full-time salary of a Learning Disability Outreach Co-ordinator.


Disablement Association Hillingdon (DASH)


£119,600 over three years (£39,200; £38,700; £41,700) towards the costs of a full-time Transitions Officer and running costs of a programme of work to support disabled young people in Hillingdon in the transition to adulthood.




£53,700 over three years (£17,000; £17,900; £18,800) to meet the costs of six sessional support workers’ fees.


MENCAP Bromley


£141,000 over three years (£45,700; £47,000; £48,300) contributing to the salaries of three part-time Trainers and associated costs to deliver training, work experience and volunteering opportunities for young disabled people in Bromley.


Ragged School Museum Trust


£100,000 towards the costs of installing a lift in the refurbished site to ensure full disabled access.




£48,800 over two years (2 x £24,400) towards the Fair Chance in Sport programme in London.


Older Londoners

Age UK Hillingdon


£114,780 over three years (£39,290; £37,370; £38,120) towards the salary of a part-time Trainer and on-costs to deliver a programme of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for people in Hillingdon and their carers.


Dementia Concern


£82,000 over three years (£26,800; £27,300; £27,900) for one full-time Community Support Worker and associated costs to provide support services to people living alone with dementia in Ealing.


Live Music Now!


£85,500 over three years (£28,000; £28,500; £29,000) towards the costs of interactive music workshops and staff training across care homes in London.


Reducing Poverty

City Harvest


£79,800 over three years (£25,800; £26,600; £27,400) for the post of Warehouse Manager.


Hounslow Citizens Advice Bureau


£154,700 over three years (£53,000; £51,100; £50,600) for the salary of a full-time Advice Worker, volunteer costs plus related operational costs.


Youth Legal and Resource Centre


£78,000 over three years (£24,500; £26,500; £27,000) for the part-time Debt and Money Advice Caseworker and associated project costs.


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders

Clink Charity


£105,000 over three years (3 x £35,000) to support the full-time salary and expenditure of a High Down Prison based Support Worker to provide an effective and inclusive service to graduates of The Clink Programme.


Bridging Divides

Connecting the Capital

Volunteer Centre Greenwich


£255,600 over five years (£63,000; £58,000; £50,000; £45,200; £38,300) towards the salaries of the CEO and Volunteering and Operations Manager and associated costs to support the future sustainability of the organisation.


Strategic Initiatives

Charity Tax Group£20,000 to Charity Tax Group Ltd towards the costs of research on the value of VAT reliefs for charities in the context of Brexit.


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