Over £2.4 million awarded at September meeting


At its recent meeting on the 22nd September, the Trust’s Committee was pleased to approve grants totalling over £2.4 million to 32 charities across London. These included three awards for a combined amount of over £250,000 on our Reducing Poverty programme. These grants will each tackle a different feature of poverty in London: a lack of affordable housing; high levels of debt; and destitution amongst recently arrived migrants.

In addition, the Trust was pleased to award a grant of just under £100,000 to Chaos Theory, a grassroots charity based in Waltham Forest working to reduce serious violence. Their Violence Interruption Project, for which we are funding an Outreach Worker, aims to reduce violence through mediation thus preventing further retaliation. This grant was made under our Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders programme.

A full list of grants awarded at our September Committee can be found below:

Investing in Londoners

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Afghan Association Paiwand£90,000 over three years (3 x £30,000) for the costs of ESOL pre-entry level 1 and 2 classes and including the costs of achieving City & Guilds accreditation.

Baytree Centre


£108,900 over three years (3 x £36,300) towards the salary of ESOL tutors and towards the part-time salary of a project coordinator and associated project costs for the English Breakthrough project at the Baytree Centre.


Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

Church of England’s Children’s Society£180,000 over three years (3 x £60,000) for the Boys & Young Men project in London, to fund a part-time Project Worker, part of the Service Manager post, and related activity and support costs.

East London Out Project


£147,470 over three years (£48,320; £49,550; £49,600) for the salary of a full-time Administrator; costs of supporting volunteer counsellors; and overheads of a counselling service.


Groundswell Network Support UK


£135,000 over three years (£35,000; £50,000; £50,000) to contribute to the full-time salary of the Project Manager, staff and volunteer training and associated running costs for the Mental Health HHPA project.


Improving London’s Environment

School Food Matters£88,840 over three years (£29,500; £29,380; £29,960) for project management and associated costs of the ‘Know your Onions’ project.

Making London More Inclusive

Choice in Hackney£33,700 for a third year’s support of the volunteer project supporting first time users of personal budgets. The funding covers two-part time officers.

Highbury Roundhouse Youth and Community Centre


£100,000 for access works to a purpose built community centre on its existing site.


Kingston-upon-Thames Samaritans


£40,870 towards access works at the new Wheatfield Way site.


Kith & Kids


£126,000 over three years (£41,000; £42,000; £43,000) for the full-time salary of an Adult Services Coordinator, together with associated project running costs.


Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice


£120,000 over three years (3 x £40,000) for the salary of a part-time Music Therapist and a Drama & Movement Therapist, plus related activity costs for work with London children with complex needs and disabilities.


Play, Adventure and Community Enrichment (PACE)


£96,500 over three years (£31,400; £31,500; £33,600) towards the Artist in Training programme costs for session salaries and running costs specifically to benefit disabled children.


South London Fine Art Gallery and Library


£100,000 towards access works, including installation of a platform lift and contributing to the costs of accessible toilets and power-assisted doors.


St Paul’s Church Hainault


£25,000 towards the access elements of stage 1 building work comprising replacing the linkway between the Church and hall with an access ramp and stepped alternative and installing automatically opening entrance doors.


St Peter’s Bethnal Green


£87,620 for access improvements to St Peter’s Bethnal Green.


Older Londoners

Age UK Richmond Upon Thames£102,000 over three years (£33,000; £34,000; £35,000) towards the salary of a part-time Community Services Co-ordinator and related activity and support costs for a project working with isolated older people aged 75 plus.

Chinese National Healthy Living Centre


£80,000 over two further years (2 x £40,000) for the salary of a full-time Co-ordinator plus running costs of the London Chinese Dementia & Alzheimer’s Project.


Memory Lane Singing Club


£5,000 over two years (2 x £2,500) towards the cost of performing shows in the community at a subsidised rate.


Naree Shakti (Women’s Strength)


£18,500 over two years (£9,000; £9,500) towards the part-time Carers Project Worker post, and a contribution to the programme costs and on-costs.


Reducing Poverty

Cardinal Hume Centre£108,900 over three years (3 x £36,300) for the salary and on-costs of a full-time Housing Advice Worker.

Crosslight Advice


£95,700 over three years (£31,000; £31,900; £32,800) for the full-time salary of the Operations Manager.


Haringey Migrant Support Centre


£63,000 over three years (£19,000; £20,000; £24,000) towards the part-time Destitution Coordinator and a contribution towards the part-time Centre Coordinator, and associated project running costs.


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders

Chaos Theory£99,700 over three years (£32,400; £33,200; £34,100) for a full time Outreach Worker and associated running costs and overheads.

St Giles Trust


£150,270 over three years (£44,470, £52,100, £53,700) for the salary of the full time WIRE Complex Needs Support Worker and associated project costs.


Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector

Community Links Bromley£66,750 over two years (£35,250; £31,500) towards project delivery, including tutors’ fees, venues and materials, project management and on-costs.

Strategic Initiatives

Association of Chairs£2,000 towards the re-print of the publication “A Chair’s Compass”

Baring Foundation


£50,000 towards an independent inquiry into the future of civil society


Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust


£30,000 towards the 2016/17 Beacon Awards, including the category of Beacon Award for City Philanthropy.


London Funders


£11,030 towards the December 2015 conference, together with the production costs of the interim report and the final report and the launch of The Way Ahead in April 2016.


Media Trust


£49,107 for the Media Trust to work with a cohort of City Bridge Trust grantees on a “Telling Your Stories” project.


New Philanthropy Capital


£45,000 over three years (£15,000 x 3) towards the Inspiring Impact programme’s core costs and its engagement activities with smaller charities.


St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace


£9,910 over a 12 months. This is to build on existing work, enable monthly dialogue events with highly diverse groups and provide training events and workshops to support community cohesion.


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