Opening doors across London

Opening Doors Across London

A report on the Access to Buildings work undertaken by the Trust

Access to buildings: the work of the City Bridge Trust

‘Access for all’ is a modern idea in which everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, creed or disability, has a right to belong and contribute towards society.

‘Access for all’ is an old idea that finds expression in the origins of The City Bridge Trust. Bridges across the Thames gave Londoners easy access to both sides of the river and transformed their lives.

Old and new are combined in the City Bridge Trust’s work on Access to Buildings, which forms part of our Access for Disabled People’s programme. Through physical access to buildings, disabled people can obtain access to wider opportunities. What is good for disabled people is good for everyone, so that efforts to improve buildings help to transform society.

This publication is in two parts. The first records the achievements of people who have been through the process of making their buildings accessible for disabled people, and notes the difficulties they faced along the way. The second part is written for people who are going through the process of improving access to their buildings and makes suggestions about how they might reduce the difficulties.

The material reported here is based on an evaluation of the Trust’s programme on Access to Buildings. Centris, our consultants, studied 22 of the 322 grants that the Trust has made since the beginning of the programme in 1995. It was clear that there was much to be learned from the programme that could be useful to other people who wanted to make their building accessible.

Opening Doors Across London was launched in October 2007 with a seminar held at Sadler’s Wells.