£2 million awarded at October 2019 committee meeting



Our committee meeting in October 2019 saw 22 grants awarded totaling nearly £2 million.


Bridging Divides – Advice and Support


Refugee Action£119,000 over a further and final two years (£59,000; £60,000) towards the cost of a Project Co-ordinator, volunteer costs, a contribution to core costs and direct management, and associated running costs.


Bridging Divides – Connecting the Capital


Kensington and Chelsea Social CouncilA grant of £210,000 over four years (4 X £52,500) towards salary costs, programme costs and overheads of delivering a programme to increase resident’s voice and participation in running and influencing local services.
Kingsley Hall Church and Community Centre£3,120 for an access audit, design appraisal of redevelopment plans for the Kingsley Hall Church and Community Centre, and Disability and Equality Act training for staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders as appropriate.
Merton Voluntary Service Council£285,000 over 5 years (£57,000; £52,000; £54,000; £60,000: £62,000) towards salary costs of a Business Development Manager, running costs, marketing, communications and overheads.
Merton Voluntary Service Council£122,000 over two further and final years (£64,000; £58,000) towards the salaries of the Head of Development and CEO; project costs and overheads; and fees for an income-generation consultant.
St Cuthbert’s Centre£950 for an independent access audit of St Cuthbert’s Church.
The Interlink Foundation£250,000 over five years (5 x £50,000) towards the salary of a Development Officer and related running costs of a project supporting capacity building, and resilience amongst Charedi organisations; partnership and collaboration with other sectors and communities in North London; and to train Charedi CSOs and develop community leadership.
Toynbee Hall£161,400 over three further and final years (£60,600, £61,200, £39,600) towards the salary costs of the Wellbeing Centre & Volunteer Coordinator and associated running costs for the Centre for Wellbeing project.


Bridging Divides – Ideas, please


Fine Cell Work£9,750 for Fine Cell Work’s proposed programme of resilience support to deliver the following outcomes and outputs: an intervention that comprises an initial recap on FCW’s safeguarding policy; workshops delivered by a Counselling Psychologist. Reflective practice sessions to discuss experiences and new approaches, delivered by senior staff and 1-2-1 supervision for Senior staff.
Just for Kids Law£22,500 for the delivery of the proposed resilience support programme to deliver the following outcomes and outputs: learning days delivered by external consultants for all frontline workers, focussing on the impact of trauma on Children and Young People and on ‘vicarious trauma’ in staff. Facilitated group reflective practice sessions will be delivered at three-week intervals; and peer-led workshops, which are open to all staff will be held every six weeks.
Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest Ltd£9,040 for the proposal to support and develop the resilience of frontline staff to deliver the following outcomes and outputs: one-to-one supervision sessions for frontline participants, at which wellbeing needs assessment will be carried out. Group workshops will prepare participants for the intervention, which comprises 6X two-hour sessions, every two weeks + homework. One-to-one supervision sessions and workshops will follow the main intervention, which aim to embed the skills developed during the course.
St Clement and St James Community Development Project£23,000 towards the resilience support programme proposed by St Clement and St James to deliver the following outcomes and outputs: Participants from the Community Hub Team will engage in fortnightly one-to-one sessions with a qualified therapist. Co-produced psychoeducational workshops and weekly practical support will be provided by senior staff.
The Listening Place£5,000 for delivery of The Listening Place’s proposed resilience programme to deliver the following outcomes and outputs: Sessions, based on the Padesky ‘resilience model’, will be delivered weekly between September and October. A CBT approach will be used to recognise unrecognised personal strengths and newly recognised needs for self-care or self-compassion.
Toynbee Hall£9,700 to deliver Toynbee Hall’s proposed programme to develop the resilience of its frontline staff and deliver the following outcomes and outputs: eight two-hour training sessions delivered every three weeks, including content such as reconnecting to innate resources; developing emotional resilience tools; coping with overwhelm; problem solving; developing support networks and maintaining resilience.


Bridging Divides – Positive Transitions


Children and Families Across Borders£99,800 over two further and final years (£49,200; £50,600) to cover the costs of a Social Worker and Caseworker and associated programme and running costs.
Circles South East£150,000 over three years (£50,000 per year) for the salary of a Circle Co-ordinator, volunteer training and associated costs.
Education & Skills Development Group (ESDEG)£19,360 over two years (£9,680 per annum) towards ESOL classes to parents of the supplementary school participants.
Lewisham Speaking Up£24,700 over two years (£13,050; £11,650) towards the salary of a hate crime co-ordinator, salaries for the hate crime trainers (people with learning disabilities) and associated costs.
Rephael House£22,404 over two years (£11,038; £11,366) towards the costs of Rephael House’s play therapy and counselling services for 4 – 25 year olds.
The Food Chain£266,250 over five years (£56,700, £50,900, £54,100, £52,900, £51,650) towards the project to support disadvantaged PLWHIV with specialist dietetic, nutrition support as well as volunteering and work experience opportunities to support transition to independence, and one-off relocation costs in year one.


Small Grants


Christmas for Kids£5,600 towards ‘Harry’s Christmas Spirit’ – tour of interactive multi-sensory music and puppetry show to children’s hospices and related venues in the Greater London area in December 2019.


 Strategic Initiatives


Spectra£150,000 over 18 months (£100,000; £50,000) for the start-up and developmental costs of the TLP Project to develop and submit full-scale research proposals, partnership support, community-based identification/testing of research ideas and the initial MVE development.


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