Trust awards over £3 million with 28 grants across London



November committee sees £3,072,722 awarded across 28 grants


Bridging Divides – Advice and Support

Age UK Sutton£57,400 over two further and final years (£28,400; £29,000) towards the salary and associated running costs of an Advice on the Road – Information & Advice Project Manager and associated running costs.
Brent Irish Advisory Service£243,600 over five years (£49,600; £47,300; £48,100; £49,200; £49,400) towards the costs of a Poverty Worker and associated running costs.
CARIS Haringey£111,000 over five years (£21,800; £21,900; £23,000; £21,500; £22,800) for the advice service and emergency food parcel administration, including a Senior Advice Worker and related running costs.
Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network£84,600 over two further and final years (£42,300x 2) for the salary of a Housing and Welfare manager and towards associated running costs.
Southwark Law Centre£25,512 over one year towards the salary and related costs of two Welfare Rights Workers to provide a service to Lambeth residents.


Bridging Divides – Connecting the Capital

Age UK Richmond upon Thames£80,750 over two years (£40,250; £40,500) towards the salary of a Wellbeing Co-ordinator and related activity and support costs working with older isolated people.
Bellingham Community Project Ltd£175,600 over five years (£35,900; £33,400; £34,400; £35,400; £36,500) for the salary and on-costs of a Community Projects Officer, to develop and deliver a range of projects for people aged 65 and over in Bellingham. The grant includes a contribution towards project costs and equipment.
Clapham Arts Association/Studio Voltaire Ltd£100,000 towards the costs of making the premises more accessible for disabled people.
Clinks£271,400 over 5 years (£54,000; £54,100; £54,250; £54,300; £54,750) for the salary and associated costs of a London Development Worker to provide support to voluntary sector organisations working in the criminal justice sector in London.
Geffrye Museum Trust£100,000 towards the costs of access works to the Museum as part of the Unlocking the Geffrye redevelopment project.
Home Start London (HSL)£100,000 (5 x £20,000) over five years towards the salary of the Director.
Media Trust£223,000 over three further and final years (£73,300; £74,300; £75,400) to contribute to the delivery costs of the Stronger Voices Training Programme for 45 equalities organisations, including Advocacy Masterclasses and volunteer brokerage.
Neighbours in Poplar (NIP)£50,000 over two further and final years (2 x £25,000) towards the salary of the Outreach Project Worker.
On Road Ltd£120,000 over three further and final years (3 x £40,000) towards media training courses, interactions, and peer support, as part of the All About Trans and Angles projects in support of London organisations.
South London Botanical Institute£55,700 over two further and final years (£27,800, £27,900) towards the salary of an Education and Outreach Co-ordinator and a Project Manager and running costs of the Botany on your Plate initiative.
Spectra£16,500 over two further and final years (£8,200; £8,300) towards the salary costs of a Counsellor and contribution to operational costs of the Trans Counselling project in London.
The Otakar Kraus Music Trust£71,300 over three years (£17,600, £22,200, £31,500) for weekly Music Therapy for 30 children and young people with physical, psychological, behavioural, learning or emotional disabilities.
The Wallace Collection£48,900 over 2 further and final years (£24,200; £24,700) towards the running costs of the Out of the Frame project in London working with older people aged 65+ and people living with dementia.


Bridging Divides – Positive Transitions

Doctors of the World UK£300,000 over five years (£70,000; £65,000; £60,000; £55,000; £50,000) towards the staff and running costs of the Stratford Clinic run by Doctors of the World for vulnerable migrants.
Drive Forward Foundation£97,500 over three years (£31,500; £32,500; £33,500) for the salary of an Employment Consultant and on-costs.
Ilays£14, 560 over two years (£7,280; £7,280) to cover the costs of an ESOL teacher, associated running and marketing costs for once-weekly, two-hour Level 1 and 2 ESOL classes for isolated Somali women in the London Borough of Hounslow.
Kiran Support Services£90,800 over two further and final years (£44,950 £45,850) towards a Outreach & Advocacy Support Worker and running costs to support BAME women who have survived, or are at risk of, domestic abuse.
Lambeth Elfrida Rathbone Society£101,700 over 3 years (£33,500, £33,700, £34,500) to cover salary costs of the Transitions worker, additional youth work hours, youth committee costs and project activities.
Merton Home Tutoring Service£135,000, over three years (43,000, £46,000, £46,000) towards pre-entry to entry level 2 ESOL community classes to give adult migrants, refugees and asylum seekers more opportunities to learn English. The grant includes £2,000 in year 1 towards safeguarding training.
The Children’s Society£120,000 over two further and final years (2 x £60,000) to support boys/young men in London at risk of or affected by criminal exploitation.
The Renewal Programme£39,500 (£19,750 x2) over two further and final years to meet the sessional staffing and running costs of providing introductory ESOL classes for women aged 60 years and over.


Eco Audits

Cambridge House Law Centre£2,400 to provide an eco-audit


Strategic Initiatives

Media Trust£236,000 (£59,000 x 4) for the Media Trust to work with a cohort of City Bridge Trust grantees per year for 4 further and final years on a “Telling Your Stories” project.


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