Trust awards over £4 million at latest Committee


The Trust is delighted to announce that at its latest Committee Meeting on the 14th November, grants totalling over £4 million were agreed. These included some of the first awards under our new Bridging Divides Funding Strategy which will see around £100 million distributed over the next five years. Examples of the grants awarded include:

In addition, the Trust has agreed funding for law centres in Camden, Islington & Southwark. These grants will provide advices services on issues including welfare and immigration. These grants have been awarded under the Advice & Support priority of our new Bridging Divides funding programme.

A full list of grants can be found below:

Bridging Divides

Advice and Support

Camden Community Law Centre


£136,700 over 3 years (£46,000, £45,100; £45,600) to meet the salary and on-costs of a full-time Welfare Rights Representation Caseworker.


Hillingdon Carers


£175,000 over five years (£34,500; £34,500; £35,000; £35,000; £36,000) for the salary costs of a full-time Dementia Advisor and related project costs of a dedicated support service for people living with dementia.


Islington Law Centre


£185,800 over three years (£60,100; £61,900; £63,800) for a specialist Welfare Benefits advisor to provide client advocacy, casework, and representation as well as training of volunteers to provide skilled reception services.


Southwark Law Centre


£101,000 over a further two years (£50,000; £51,000) towards the salary and associated running costs of a Senior Immigration Solicitor to provide legal advice to individuals and advice and support to other advice agencies.


Zacchaeus 2000 Trust


£200,000 over five years (£50,000; £45,000; £40,000; £35,000; £30,000) towards the core costs of advice and support work.


Connecting the Capital

Bonny Downs Community Association


£100,700 over three years (£32,400; £33,200; £35,100) towards a part-time Project Co-ordinator for its Active and Connected Elders Project, an Advocacy Manager and a contribution to project costs.


Community Southwark


£326,900 over five years (£65,380 per year) towards part-time Head of Southwark Giving and Community Investment Officer posts, plus associated running costs for the development and consolidation of Southwark Giving.


Cordwainers Grow CIC


£10,000 for the salary of a part-time project worker and associated project costs to strengthen and support community gardens by promoting the benefits of engaging with community spaces.


Friends of Abbey Gardens


£8,000 towards core costs to continue regular gardening sessions and to purchase planters to increase growing space.


Hoxton Health


£77,600 over a further two years (2 x £38,800) towards the salary of a part-time Volunteer Co-ordinator, part-time Manager and related project costs.


Joy of Sound


£6,662 to purchase new or up-cycled music instruments based on traditional folk Krar (lyre/harp), workshops and associated project costs.


Loughborough Junction Action Group


£10,000 towards the farm project co-ordination, DIY tools and associated project costs to create a beautiful and transformed community growing space and continue growing sessions twice a week.


Migrant & Refugee Communities Forum


£300,100 over five years (£60,000; £56,700; £59,000; £61,100; £63,300) towards the costs of the CEO, Advocacy Organiser, toolkit development and associated running costs.


MindFood CIC


£9,775 towards the running costs of Plot to Plate, a free food growing course supporting people experiencing issues including depression and anxiety.


Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising


£80,000 over two years (2 x £40,000) to cover the salary costs of a full-time Project Officer and a contribution to project costs for Brand Memories.


Redbridge Theatre Company Limited


£5,000 for the costs of an independent access audit.


Surrey Docks Farm


£148,000 over five years (£37,100; £35,300; £32,800; £24,900; £17,900) towards the Putting Down Roots in Rotherhithe project including a contribution to a Green Mentor, a Horticulture Apprentice and project costs.


Sydenham Garden


£24,700 over two years (£13,600; £11,100) towards the costs of a part-time Project Worker’s salary, project costs and overheads.


Positive Transitions

Open Door, Young People’s Consultation Service


£94,500 over two years (£46,900; £47,600) for staffing, supervision, support and project costs and a core contribution for services at the Tottenham site.


Roma Support Group


£84,800 over two years (£41,000; £43,800) towards the costs of a part-time Project Co-ordinator; two part-time bilingual Mental Health Advocates; and related running costs for a mental health advocacy service.


Greening the Third Sector – Eco Audits

Best Beginnings


£2,600 to undertake an eco-audit.


Free Representation Unit


£1,000 to provide an eco-audit.


Rich Mix Cultural Foundation


£4,000 to provide an eco-audit.


Investing in Londoners

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

One In Four


£99,000 over three years (£31,700; £33,100; £34,200) for the post of Clinical Co-ordinator and Wellbeing Lead.


Shooting Star CHASE


£125,000 over three years (£41,300; £41,700; £42,000) towards the part-time salaries of Music Therapist and Drama / Play Therapist.


The WISH Centre


£138,300 over three years (£45,200; £46,100; £47,000) to cover the cost of a full-time Therapist, Clinical Supervision and a contribution to organisational overheads.


Improving London’s Environment

Freightliners City Farm


£123,600 over three years (£40,400; £41,500; £41,700) for the full-time Farm Development Manager and associated running costs.


Women’s Environmental Network Trust


£110,600 over three years (£35,720; £37,160; £37,720) towards the part-time salary of the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network Co-ordinator, activity costs and a contribution to core costs.


Making London More Inclusive

Peter Bedford Housing Association£3,500 to meet the cost of the Access Audit.


Southside Partnership


£168,500 over three years (£55,300, £56,200; £57,000) for the salary of two part-time Community Development Mentors and associated running costs.


St John the Evangelist Church, Kingston


£99,300 towards the redevelopment of the church building to accessible standards, to include reconfigured and improved accessible entrance lobby and footpath, ramps and step free access, hearing enhancement system and accessible toilet.


The Old Vic Theatre Trust 2000


£100,000 towards access works at The Old Vic’s historic building, including an accessible entrance on Waterloo Road; installation of a platform lift and improvements to the stairs and balustrades.


Making London Safer

Why me? Victims for Restorative Justice


£57,000 over two years (£28,400; £28,600) towards a part-time Policy Development Officer & Restorative Justice Service Co-ordinator, and associated project costs for work to enable hate crime victims from the LGBTQ community to access restorative justice.


Older Londoners

Neighbourly Care Southall


£108,500 over three years (£36,600; £35,800; £36,100) for a Senior Projects Officer and associated running costs to develop and expand work with small community groups, to extend their reach to older people in their communities.


Reducing Poverty

Islington People’s Rights


£134,100 over three years (£43,600; £44,700; £45,800) for a full-time Specialist Caseworker to provide specialist welfare and debt advice through the IPR Assist project and associated project costs.


Strategic Initiatives

Cranfield Trust


£150,000 over 12 months towards a Triage and Connect programme to support the delivery of Phase One of City Bridge Trust’s Funder Plus offer.


Institute for Voluntary Action Research


£5,000 towards the costs of IVAR’s 2019 Evaluation Roundtable.




£150,000 over 12 months towards a Triage and Connect programme to support the delivery of Phase One of City Bridge Trust’s Funder Plus offer.


Media Trust


£49,995 over six months for the delivery costs of the “Telling Your Stories” project.


Stepping Stones Fund

Strand 1: Capacity Building

Baytree Centre



£8,000 over 12 months for the support of Sporting Assets to scope social investment opportunities utilising its building for the purpose of raising social finance, and frame Baytree Centre’s impact in order to better attract social investment.


Bonny Downs Community Association


£44,400 over 18 months towards research on new income generation options, and to develop capacity and knowledge within the organisation.


London Irish Centre Charity – Community Services


£40,000 over 12 months to determine a suitable operational model for the London Irish Centre.


Selby Trust


£10,000 towards research into community finance mechanisms to increase community ownership and raise funds towards the Selby Centre redevelopment.


Speakers Trust Limited


£49,100 to research, develop and implement the products, systems and processes needed to scale the income-generating trading-for-purpose arm of Speakers’ Trust, enhancing long-term financial sustainability and enable social investment.


Strengths in Communities CIC


£41,200 over 12 months to build the organisation’s capacity to explore the feasibility of new commissioning models and further develop income generating strategies with a view to taking on social investment.


Talawa Theatre Company


£50,000 to allow Talawa to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study and organisational development plan with a view to acquiring its own building in London.


Yes Futures


£46,500 over 12 months to implement a CRM system, recruit a full-time Programme Assistant, increase the hours of the Senior Programme Lead and develop plans to raise social investment.


Strand 2: Piloting Outcomes

 Action West London


£50,000 over 12 months for the full-time recruiter and associated project costs to pilot better outcomes in recruitment, with a view to securing social investment.


Hatch Enterprise


£50,000 to deliver a 12-month pilot of the Social Enterprise Peer Accelerator.


Roj Women Association


£10,000 over 12 months for working capital to develop Roj Women’s Kurds & Whey trading subsidiary.


Toynbee Hall


£30,040 to contribute towards the costs of a pilot year to develop an Innovation Hub.



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