Grants totalling over £2.5m awarded for London


At the Trust’s recent Committee meeting, grants totalling over £2.5 million were agreed to charities & projects across London.

Grants awarded include:

  • £77,250 to Hubbub Foundation UK towards the Plastic Fishing project in the Docklands Basin, which helps clean London’s waterways whilst also educating participants on the issue of plastic in rivers and oceans.
  • £120,000 to Depaul UK for the delivery of a Get Mindfuel service for young people which will ensure that homeless young people with mental health issues are successfully referred to statutory services.
  • £76,000 to Everyman Project towards the Partner Support Programme, providing therapy and counselling to the partners of male perpetrators of violence.

In addition, Media Trust were awarded £148,700 towards the Stronger Voices Training Programme which will provide Advocacy Masterclasses, digital guides and volunteer brokerage for 30 equalities organisations, helping them to target their audiences more effectively. This project will build on previous work with Media Trust, including our Telling Your Stories volunteer film project.

Finally, a grant of £38,450 was awarded to Sutton Centre for Voluntary Service towards the development of Sutton Giving. This follows similar awards to help establish giving initiatives in a number of Boroughs including Barnet, Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham and Lewisham, using the model first established by Islington Giving and developed by London’s Giving.

Investing in Londoners


Greening the Third Sector

Centre 404


£3,200 to provide an eco-audit.


Citizens Advice Southwark


£3,000 to conduct an eco-audit.


The Huddleston Centre


£2,000 to provide an eco-audit.



English for Speakers of Other Languages

Translating & Interpreting Service (TIS)£20,600 for a third and final year to meet the cost of providing Entry Level 1-3 ESOL provision.

Improving London’s Environment

Hubbub Foundation UK



£77,250 over three years (£33,750; £23,500; £20,000) for the Co-ordination costs, dinghy and crew hire, marketing and associated running costs for the Plastic Fishing project in the Docklands Basin.


Widehorizons Outdoor Education Trust£122,500 over three years (£42,900; £40,700; £38,900) towards a full-time Adventure Learning Manager, associated running costs and overheads.

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

Brent Adolescent Centre



£144,740 over three years (£47,200; £48,240; £49,300) towards the costs of providing therapy and professional interventions to young people with mental health needs in five schools in Brent.


Causeway Irish Housing Association



£84,000 over three years (3 x £28,000) for a part-time Mental Health Worker and associated running costs of a mental health and emotional wellbeing service for refugee and migrant tenants.


Depaul UK



£120,000 over three years (3 x £40,000) for a full-time Wellbeing and Mental Health Co-ordinator and associated costs for the delivery of a Get Mindfuel service for young people.


Mind in Harrow£292,300 over three years (£96,200; £97,600; £98,500) for the full-time Outreach and Early Intervention Coordinator and three posts across the remaining consortia members, plus evaluation, project costs and overheads.

Making London More Inclusive

Access All Areas



£87,600 over three years (3 x £29,200) towards the salary and running costs of the Take Part programme providing creative workshops for adults with learning disabilities.


Action Against Medical Accidents


£2,000 towards a full access audit of Freedman House.


Action Disability Kensington & Chelsea



£166,800 over three years (3 x £55,600) towards a full-time Co-ordinator, Personal Development Officer and towards associated running costs including accessibility costs, training, information production, room hire and core running costs.


AHOY Centre


£102,000 over two years (2 x £51,000) towards the Sail to Prevail programme for disabled people including the costs of a full-time Assistant Sailing Instructor.


Applecartlive Ltd


£1,950 to commission an independent access audit for 170 Harold Road, London E13 0SE.


St Leonard, Streatham


£4,750 towards an independent access audit.


The Royal Society for Blind Children



£113,960 over three years (£32,192; £39,124; £42,644) towards the costs of delivering an apprenticeship programme with partner employers for 40 blind and partially sighted young people aged from 16 to 25.


Turtle Key Arts Centre Trust£42,500 over three years (£14,500; £14,000; £14,000) for running costs of two participation projects; 100% of ‘Key Words’ for dyslexic children and teenagers and 25% towards ‘Key Club’ for 16 – 30 year olds on the autism spectrum.

Making London Safer

Domestic Violence Intervention Project


£103,800 over three years (£34,200; £34,800; £34,800) towards the part-time salary costs of a Young Persons’ Practitioner and Parent Support Practitioner and associated running costs.


Everyman Project£76,000 over three years (£24,000; £26,000; £26,000) for the salary of a part-time Partner Support Co-ordinator and other costs of the Partner Support Programme.

Older Londoners

Advice Support Knowledge Information



£37,600 over three years (£12,600; £12,500; £12,500) towards the costs of weekly therapeutic dance classes working with older people 75+ living with Dementia, and their Carers.


Bikur Cholim Ltd


£87,300 over three years (£29,100; £28,800; £29,400) for the salary of a part-time Older People’s Carers Support Worker and towards associated project costs.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre


£116,800 over three years (£38,800; £39,300; £38,700) for the part-time Project Manager and Advocacy Worker, along with associated project costs.


Carers Support (Bexley)



£166,900 over three years (£55,200; £55,600; £56,100) to support the costs of the part-time Service Manager, Volunteer accommodation, expenses and training for three volunteers and associated running costs to the Carers Breaks service.


Contact the Elderly


£87,900 over three years (£29,200; £29,300; £29,400) for the salary of the Development Officer North London and associated project costs.


Eastside Community Heritage£24,500 for a third and final year towards the salary of the part-time Project Officer and associated running costs.

Reducing Poverty

Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group


£71,300 over three years (£23,600; £23,700; £24,000) to meet the salary of a part-time Housing and Debt Advisor plus a contribution towards running costs.


Bromley by Bow Centre



£128,100 over three years (£40,800; £42,300; £45,000) to meet the part-time cost of an Integrated Housing Advisor, a Connections Worker, project evaluation and management costs, to provide targeted housing advice and financial management support.


Citizens Advice Service in Three Rivers£21,000 over three years (3 x £7,000) for the salary of a part-time Outreach CAB Advisor at Hillingdon Foodbank.

Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector

Media Trust



£148,700 over two years (£75,000; £73,700) to contribute to the delivery costs of the Stronger Voices Training Programme for 30 equalities organisations, including Advocacy Masterclasses, digital guides and volunteer brokerage.


On Road Ltd



£80,000 over two years ( 2 x £40,000) towards the media training courses and interactions, and the cost of the activist network meetings, for both the All About Trans and Angles projects.


Strategic Initiatives



£50,000 to research and disseminate the needs of single parent families in London and how services could be provided to best meet those needs.


London Funders



£26,510 from funds for the Anniversary Programme for civil society infrastructure support towards various activities related to the implementation of The Way Ahead.


Sutton Centre for Voluntary Service£38,450 over one year towards the development of Sutton Giving.


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