Most Vulnerable Londoners Receive £3.4 million boost in Grants


The Trust is delighted to announce that at its latest Committee Meeting, grants totalling almost £3.4 million were agreed to organisations across London.  These awards will support a range projects including specialist mental health support for homeless people; assistance for disabled people and their families/carers; and specialist legal advice for migrants. Specific grants included:

£66,800 to the Independent Living Agency (ILA) to deliver their Peer Support Brokers programme. This project enables a team to support disabled Londoners to devise a personalised care plan and assists them with benefit & funding entitlements. This aims to increase their independence and control over their own lives.

£283,300 to INQUEST Charitable Trust for costs of a Senior Caseworker to support London-based bereaved families. This role will assist family members from the very first stages following a death and through the protracted process of the investigation and inquest.

£100,000 to YWCA England & Wales (aka Young Women’s Trust) towards their Work It Out project which provides coaching & career support, helping young women to increase their confidence & improve relationships.


Along with the above, the Trust has awarded several grants supporting the Voluntary Sector in London. Firstly, Centre for the Acceleration Of Social Technology (CAST) received a grant of £400,000 towards an initiative to make civil society more resilient by embedding digital in their strategy, services and governance; and £500,000 towards the continued development of London Plus, the new hub for London’s civil society which aims to support organisations and networks across London and to build collaborative partnerships.


A full list of grants can be found below:

Cornerstone Fund

Kingston Voluntary Action


£303,600 over two years (2 x £151,800) towards a project increasing and embedding digital skills amongst small voluntary organisations across London.


Partnership for Young London


£138,000 over two years (£68,000; £70,000) towards a project designed to improve how young people’s lived experience can shape and influence data collection and research thereby improving services that affect them.


Bridging Divides

Connecting the Capital

Evelyn Oldfield Unit


£254,700 over 5 years (£50,300; £48,800; £52,000; £50,600; £53,000) towards the costs of a part-time Project Co-ordinator and associated running costs.


Foundation for Social Improvement


£23,600 over two years (£11,800 x 2) towards the costs of providing a range of training courses and workshops for London Based charities.


Greater London Volunteering


£500,000 over two years (£222,500; £277,500) towards the continued development of London Plus.


St Barnabas Parochial Church Council


£980 to commission an independent access audit and design appraisal.


Connecting the Capital – Small Grants

Friends of Attend ABI


£9,900 to run music and creative writing sessions for individuals with an acquired brain injury.


Sport4Health Community Interest Company


£9,920 to provide weekly badminton sessions for older people at the Battersea Sports Centre.


Connecting the Capital – Eco Audits

Urban Partnership Group


£3,800 to provide an Eco-Audit.


Positive Transitions

Auditory Verbal Centre


£135,000 over three years (£50,000; £45,000; £40,000) to provide auditory verbal therapy to deaf children and their families in London.


Independent Living Agency (ILA)


£66,800 over two further and final years (£33,100: £33,700) for a part-time Project Co-ordinator and project costs for delivering the Peer Support Brokers programme for Londoners.


INQUEST Charitable Trust


£283,300 over five years (£54,400, £55,500, £56,800, £57,700, £58,900) for the full-time salary and on-costs of a Senior Caseworker (London).


Pursuing Independent Paths


£77,900 over a further two years (2 x £38,950) salaries and related costs of delivering the Performing Arts project for young adults with learning disabilities.


Advice and Support

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID)


£150,000 over five years (5 x £30,000) towards Bail for Immigration Detainees’ Legal Manager salary and overheads.


Legal Education Foundation


£320,000 over three years (£80,000; £160,000; £80,000) towards the costs of providing 6 Justice First Fellowships in London.


YWCA England & Wales


£100,000 over three years (£34,000; £33,000; £33,000) towards the project running costs for Work It Out in London.


Investing in Londoners

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

West London Mission Methodist Circuit


£114,350 over three years (£34,740; £39,238; £40,372) to cover the salary and on costs of a specialist mental health worker for homeless people to work alongside a multi-disciplinary team at Seymour Place.


Making London Safer

Crimestoppers – London Board


£96,200 over three years (£31,900, £32,000, £32,300) towards the project running costs of Hidden Harms in London.


St Michael’s Fellowship


£140,800 over three years (£46,000, £46,900, £47,900) for the full-time salary of a Young Parent Practitioner and associated on-costs.


Strategic Initiatives

Campaign to Protect Rural England – London Branch


Approve a grant of £120,000 over three years (3 x £40,000) towards of developing a web-based platform and map to promote London’s parks and green spaces.


Centre For The Acceleration Of Social Technology


Approve a grant of £400,000 over two years (2 x £200,000) towards the London element of an initiative to make civil society more resilient by embedding digital in their strategy, services and governance.


Core Arts


£150,000 towards the capital cost of erecting ‘container’ accommodation for a number of community groups in Hackney.



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