Trust awards £5m in funding for London


At our latest Grants meeting last week, our Committee Members agreed funding to forty organisations totalling nearly £5million. These awards brought the total awarded for the 2018/19 financial year to just under £22million.

These latest grants included funding for advice services; making community buildings fully accessible for people with disabilities or mobility issues; and mental health services for homeless Londoners. We also made a number of five-year funding awards and several core funding grants providing organisations with long-term certainty and security. This reflects a change in policy introduced in our new Bridging Divides funding strategy.

Specific grants awarded include:

£390,000 to Federation Of London Youth Clubs (aka London Youth) towards the costs of the City Leaders project.

£172,200 to Citizens Advice Bureaux Service Camden to enable them to offer specialist advice and support for residents accessing Universal Credit.

£99,400 to Zoological Society of London towards their Tidal Thames Conservation project, working with volunteers and local communities to monitor & protect London’s river biodiversity.


Cornerstone Fund

British Refugee Council


£220,800 over three years (£90,900; £68,900; £61,000) towards the establishment of a forum to enable refugee community organisations to engage effectively with policy and decision makers in London.


Race On The Agenda


£257,100 over three years (£93,100; £82,000; £82,000) towards a programme of communications and media support services benefitting BAMER organisations.


Bridging Divides

Advice and Support

Asylum Support Appeals Project


£90,000 over a further two years (2 x £45,000) towards the salary costs of a Solicitor; a Duty Scheme Co-ordinator; and the Director’s salary; plus associated running costs.


Citizens Advice Bureaux Service Camden


£172,200 over three years (£56,300, £57,400, £58,500) for the salary, project and management costs of a full-time specialist Universal Credit Advice Worker.


Free Representation Unit


£142,500 core funding over five years (£38,500, £33,500, £28,500, £23,500, £18,500) to provide free legal advice and representation in tribunals to vulnerable clients and those on low incomes in London.


New Horizon Youth Centre


£250,000 over five years (5 x £50,000) for the salary, support and on costs of a full-time Advice and Support Worker.


Pro Bono Community


£74,000 over two further years (£36,500, £37,500) for a part-time Training and Volunteer Co-ordinator, training costs and overheads to train law students to volunteer in community advice agencies in London.


Connecting the Capital

Barnsbury Team Ministry PCC


£2,100 to commission an independent access audit for Holy Trinity.


Federation Of London Youth Clubs


£390,000 over three years (3 x £130,000) towards the costs of the City Leaders project.


Fulham Good Neighbour Service


£28,200 to improve the accessibility and usability of Fulham Good Neighbours Service community hall for older and disabled users.


Magpie Dance


£100,000 over three years (£33,333; £33,333; £33,334) towards the costs of the Youth and Adult dance groups; a new regular class for adults and a contribution to core and administrative costs.


Myatt’s Fields Park Project


£249,200 over five years (£49,700; £49,700; £49,800; £50,000; £50,000) towards a part-time Volunteer Co-ordinator and Community Gardener, and associated running costs.


Opening Doors London


£300,000 over five years (5 x £60,000) for the Ambassadors programme, specifically a part-time Policy Officer and Ambassador Support Officer plus operational and support costs.


Paddington Development Trust


£275,600 over five years (£57,300; £53,200; £54,100; £55,000; £56,000) towards a full-time Volunteer Manager and associated running costs.


QPR in the Community Trust


£153,000 over five years (£22,200; £32,400; £32,400; £33,000; £33,000) towards the cost of activity staff and tutors, venue costs, administration and monitoring, plus 10% towards charity management costs to provide Extra Time Clubs.


Reach Volunteering


£294,100 over five years (£61,300; £61,000; £59,300; £58,300; £54,200) to meet the salary and on-costs of the pan-London volunteering programme.


Streetwise Opera


£132,000 over three years (£43,000; £44,000; £45,000) towards the delivery of its services and activities offered to people experiencing homelessness across London.


The Garden Classroom


£57,500 over two further years (£29,000; £28,500) towards salary costs of the Education & Community Manager and Finance Officer.


Zoological Society of London


£99,400 over two further years (£49,100, £50,300) for the salary of the part-time Project Manager and Project Coordinator posts and related Tidal Thames Conservation project costs.


Connecting the Capital – Small Grants

Coda Dance Company


£9,200 to deliver a programme of dance and movement workshops to support people living with neurological conditions, in order to improve their health and wellbeing.


St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects


£9,000 towards project costs of “MyHealth Matters” providing support to older Bangladeshi women experiencing isolation and mental health issues.


The Spitz Charitable Trust


£9,400 towards the costs of two artists to lead music sessions, directors’ fees, and a social celebration.


Connecting the Capital – Eco Audits

Ashford Place


£3,000 to provide an eco-audit.


Coram’s Fields & Harmsworth Memorial Playground


£3,600 to deliver an eco-audit.


Park Theatre


£2,600 to provide an eco-audit.


Positive Transitions



£95,700 over two years (£47,400, £48,300) for a part-time Living with Hearing Loss Project Trainer, Project Officer and associated running costs.


Evolve Housing + Support


£69,000 over a further two years (£35,000; £34,000) towards the organisation’s mental health services for homeless clients.


Kurdish & Middle Eastern Women’s Organisation Ltd


£45,600 over two years (£22,600; £23,000) towards the costs of the Director and associated running costs.


Lambeth and Southwark Mind


£120,000 over two further years (2 x £60,000) for the salary costs of the full-time CEO & Clinical Director.


Limes Community and Children’s Centre


£83,150 over two further years (£41,150; £42;000) to support the salary cost of two part-time Coordinators, Sessional Staff and associated project costs to deliver the Creative Journeys project.




£135,000 over three years (£50,000; £45,000; £40,000) to contribute to MyBnk’s specialist support services for disabled young people or care leavers in London.


Safer London Foundation


£296,200 over five years (£56,900; £58,100; £59,200; £60,400; £61,600) to fund the Young Men’s Service Project Manager and associated project costs & overheads to deliver and expand The Harmful Sexual Behaviours Project in London.


St Augustine’s Community Care Trust


£70,300 over two further years (£34,700; £35,600) towards the salary costs of a full-time Chief Executive Officer.


Stockwell Partnership


Core funding over five years (£20,000; £18,000; £16,000; £14,000; £12,000) to underpin the work the Stockwell Partnership does supporting migrant communities to access mainstream services and connect with their community.




£77,000 over two further years (£38,000; £39,000) towards salary costs of a Support and Advocacy Worker and running costs of a life-skills programme for women who have offended or are at risk of offending or re-offending.


Investing in Londoners

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association


£121,000 over three years (£42,000; £39,500; £39,500) towards the costs of the Lewisham and Croydon Integration Workers, classroom rental, on-costs and research into the most appropriate accreditation for ACAA’s ESOL provision.


Making London More Inclusive

Rich Mix Cultural Foundation


£2,860 to commission an independent access audit and for disability awareness training for Rich Mix staff.


Strategic Initiatives

Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust (The Beacon Collaborative)£368,000 over three years to support a range of initiatives to develop greater philanthropic giving amongst high net worth individuals as part of a long-term collaborative set of activities.


Centre for Youth Impact



£60,000 over two years (2 x £30,000) to support London-based youth organisations to improve the quality of their evaluation activities.


Cripplegate Foundation


£25,000 to Islington Giving Young Grant Makers Programme to distribute to projects for young people in Islington.






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