David Clarke Social Innovation Fellowships


Recognising and rewarding social innovation

Applications are now open for the Macquarie Group Foundation’s 2016 David Clarke Social Innovation Fellowships which recognise, promote and reward ideas that address social needs, and encourage lateral thinking on community issues.

Fellowships are presented biennially to CEOs of non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and selected US cities.

The 2016 Fellowship winner in the United Kingdom will receive a grant of up to £10,000 (payable to their non-profit organisation) to cover airfares, accommodation and other costs associated with an international trip/s (proposed by each applicant) to visit and research best practice social innovation in their field.

Applications to the Fellowship close on 9 September 2016. Please visit the Macquarie Group Foundation website for full details on how to apply.

The Macquarie Group Foundation is represented on the board of Islington Giving in 2012 was a founder of the BIG Alliance in Islington, a business supported employee volunteering programme.  To date, it has engaged 262 business volunteers; 652 team challenge volunteers; mentored 182 pupils and supported a total of 124 organisations.



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