Learning resources

As London’s largest independent grant maker, having made over 7,000 grants over 20 years, we have over the years acquired a wide breadth of knowledge and information, which we are keen to share with colleagues in the Third Sector, whether they are fellow funders, research organisations or service-delivery charities. We know that to achieve our mission of tackling disadvantage the sector needs to encourage greater collaboration, information sharing and joint-working.

In this section you will find just some of the knowledge we have collected over the past two decades and we will be adding to this continually as time goes on.

Firstly, our Publications section features all of the research reports we have commissioned, along with our regular Annual Review & Report and our bite-sized periodical The Knowledge: Learning from London.

The Useful advice & links section will signpost you to other sources of funding and advice on key areas such as governance, evaluation and property management. Here you will also find links to all of the local voluntary sector support agencies for the London boroughs.

After one year of our new strategy, Bridging Divides, we worked with our learning partner, Renaisi, to understand how we were doing. This report maps out the progress we have made towards reaching our goals and those areas where there is still work to do. In the spirit of openness and transparency, we invite you to find out how we are doing.

In Case studies you can watch the Telling Your Stories short films which we have produced in partnership with the Media Trust. Each film features an organisation we have supported.

Finally, our How to Guides videos, also produced in partnership with the Media Trust, look at key topics which will be of interest to all grantholders and other charitable organisations.