£2m awarded at June Committee Meeting


The Trust is delighted to announce the award of grants worth just under £2 million at our June 2017 Grants Committee Meeting.

Grants awarded on our Investing in Londoners programme included:

In addition, five Strategic Initiatives were announced, included three grants to provide additional resources and support within the LGBT sector. These resulted from a special meeting of the LGBT sector convened by the Trust and a report by Trust for London called “Still Out There” which identified a number of issues which had led to the closure of some organisations in the sector.


Investing in Londoners

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health




£95,000 over two years (2 x £47,500) towards the Forensic Service Manager, clinical supervision and oncosts for the forensic service.


Improving London’s Environment


Oasis Children’s Venture


£105,000 over three years (3 x £35,000) towards a Green Prescription Programme for children and young people.


Making London More Inclusive


Royal Court Theatre


£73,700 to refurbish lifts; for additional assisted hearing equipment, improved signalling and signage; upgrades and supplements to emergency evacuation system.


The Greenwood Community Centre Charity


£890 to commission an independent access audit for the Greenwood Community Centre.



Making London Safer


Suzy Lamplugh Trust


£17,400 over one year towards the ‘Reducing Fear. Living Confidently.’ pilot project.


Older Londoners


Highgate Newtown Community Centre


£68,400 over three years (£19,900, £24,020, £24,480) for 75+ Coordinator, activity tutors and associated costs of the 75+ programme.


Jacksons Lane


£127,800 over three years (£43,100; £42,500; £42,200) for the Together project, including the salary of a freelance Project Coordinator, 2 artists delivering Spare Tyre sessions, and associated project costs.


Paintings in Hospitals


£59,500 over three years (£19,750; £20,000; £19,750) to contribute to the salary costs of the London Regional Co-ordinator, and associated running costs for the project.


Toynbee Hall


£98,600 over two years (£49,100; £49,500) to contribute to the salary costs of the Wellbeing Centre and Volunteer Coordinator and associated running costs for the Centre for Wellbeing project.


Reducing Poverty


Centre 70


£100,000 over three years (£33,340; £33,330; £33,330) towards the INSPIRE programme, including the salary of a part-time Project Leader, contributions towards other staff involved in the delivery of the work, and associated project costs.


The 999 Club and Lady Florence Trust


£123,840 over three years (£40,465, £41,275, £42,100) for the salary of a Senior Advice Worker plus on costs.


Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders


Hackney Music Development Trust


£90,000 over three years (3 x £30,000) towards the costs of a project manager; the costs of the artist/mentors that work with the young people in custody and on release; and associated project costs.


Strategic Initiatives

Age UK


£337,000 over eighteen months to design and deliver an evaluated model for the prevention of fraud and support for older people affected by fraud.


LGBT Consortium


£217,000 over three years (£80,000; £69,000; £68,000) to the LGBT Consortium to create and manage an online directory/mapping tool of services in London and to provide capacity-building and general support to the LGBT third sector.


Media Trust


£720 for the Media Trust to manage the subtitling for ‘Telling Your Stories’ screening at the Barbican.


Opening Doors London


£165,000 over three years (3 x £55,000) to Opening Doors London for a Training Coordinator  and an Administrator plus other costs for a programme to develop the quality of services provided to older LGBT Londoners by voluntary and statutory agencies.


Positive East


£281,000 over three years (£108,000; £88,000; £85,000) for the GMI Partnership to expand and diversify its work supporting the LGBT community in London.





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