Trust awards over £2.4 million at July committee


At the Trust’s recent Committee meeting, grants totalling over £2.4 million were agreed to charities & projects across London.

Grants awarded include:

  • £113,000 to Rushey Green Timebank towards their Wild Cat Wilderness project, a community green space in Catford where the local community can explore nature and the wildlife, play or relax in its peacefulness, learn new outdoor skills or crafts, share and enjoy the space with people of all ages, cultures, faiths and abilities.
  • £103,700 to Stay Safe East, a charity which works to tackle violence and abuse against disabled and Deaf people, including domestic violence; disability hate crime; bullying and harassment; sexual violence; financial abuse; and human rights abuses in residential care or supported housing.
  • £99,900 to Ashford Place towards their Dementia Café project which provides people who live with dementia, their carers and families an opportunity to gather in an informal, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and meet other people in similar circumstances.

In addition, the Trust agreed two major grants for initiatives in four outer-London boroughs.

Firstly, £300,000 was awarded to Young People’s Foundations in the boroughs of Brent, Harrow and Barnet. These three organisations, which were established following work by the John Lyon’s Charity, will support and build capacity in the Children and Young People’s sector in these three boroughs. They will achieve this by working strategically to bring different groups together to develop partnership projects and share resources and good practice. For more information see here.

Finally, a Strategic Initiative of £450,000 to the Participatory City Foundation was agreed to deliver the Every One Every Day neighbourhood project across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. This £6.4m initiative, jointly funded with the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Big Lottery Fund, will work with 25,000 residents across the borough to create over 350 neighbourhood-led projects and form more than 100 new businesses over the next five years.


Investing in Londoners


Greening the Third Sector: Eco-Audits


Latin American Disabled People’s Project


£2,400 for an eco-audit.


West Silvertown Foundation


£2,200 for an eco-audit.



English for Speakers of Other Languages


All Hallows Bow


£146,400 over three years (£41,600; £51,600; £53,200) towards the part-time salary costs of the Project Manager / Tutor; ESOL teacher; business support; and associated running costs.


Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants


£50,400 over three years (3 x £16,800) for the costs of two part-time ESOL Tutors; associated project costs; and a contribution towards core costs.



Improving London’s Environment


Rushey Green Timebank


£113,000 over three years (£41,000; £35,000; £37,000) for the salary of a part-time Co-ordinator and Assistant and associated direct costs of the Wild Cat Wilderness project.



Making London More Inclusive


Park Theatre


£68,650 over three years (£29,250; £21,900; £17,500) for the delivery of accessible performances for disabled audiences; access training; the installation of evacuation chairs; website adaptations and a 10% contribution to core costs.


Sea-Change Projects


£940 to commission an independent access audit to inform the fitting out of a Thames Sailing Barge.



Making London Safer


Stay Safe East


£103,700 over three years (£35,500, £33,800, £34,400) for a part-time Casework Lead, a Case Management System and associated project costs.



Older Londoners


Arts 4 Dementia


£75,000 over three years (3 x £25,000) towards core costs of the London Arts Programme delivering arts workshops to those living with early stage dementia and their Carers.


Ashford Place


£99,900 over three years (£33,000; £33,300; £33,600) for the salary of a part-time Dementia Café Co-ordinator, project activity costs and overheads.


Bexley Crossroads Care


£155,000 over three years (£51,000, £50,000, £54,000) for the salary of a GP Link Officer, volunteer costs and associated project costs.


Eritrean Community in the UK


£70,500 over three years (£25,000; £22,500; £23,000) for the salary of a part-time Volunteer and Health Development Officer and towards associated projects costs working with people aged 75+.


Queens Crescent Community Association


£153,900 over three years (£51,300; £50,600; £52,000) towards a Project Coordinator, associated running costs and fitness sessions for an activity programme for older people aged 75+ living in Gospel Oak.



Reducing Poverty


Plan Zheroes


£108,400 over three years (£28,750; £39,350; £40,300) towards the cost of a Community Manager and associated project costs.



Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders


Carney’s Community


£69,600 over three years (£22,800; £23,200; 23,600) to cover the cost of mentoring sessions and associated management costs.


Synergy Theatre Project


£93,700 over three years (£30,400; £31,300; £32,000) towards a portion of the Artistic Director’s salary and the General Manager’s salary, and associated project costs of a creative programme to support prisoners & ex-prisoners.



Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector




£144,000 over three years (£48,000; £47,000; £49,000) towards part-time Project Manager and Project worker, along with volunteer expenses and associated running costs.


Enfield Voluntary Action


£100,500 over two years (£50,000; £50,500) towards the part-time salaries of a Community Accountant & Development and Funding Advice Manager and running costs, to provide support to voluntary and community organisations in Enfield.


Voluntary Action Islington


£50,000 for a third year towards a volunteer project. The funding covers a part-time Project Officer, part-time Information & Communication Officer, associated running and training costs.


Anniversary Programme

Bridge Fund – Infrastructure support


John Lyon’s Charity


£300,000 to the John Lyon’s Charity to co-fund the salary and running costs of the Young People’s Foundations for one year in each of the boroughs of Brent, Harrow and Barnet.


Strategic Initiatives


Participatory City Foundation


£450,000 over two years (2 x £225,000) to the Participatory City Foundation to deliver the Every One Every Day neighbourhood project across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Rushey Green Timebank


£72,340 over two years (2 x £36,170) on behalf of the Lewisham Local Collaborative, as part of the London’s Giving initiative.




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