Trust reaches £400m milestone for grants to London


At its latest meeting on 31 January, the City Bridge Trust committee agreed 35 grants totalling over £4.5 million, for causes including services for disabled people, support for refugees & asylum seekers and activities for older Londoners. Recipients included Brentford FC Community Sports TrustPostal Heritage TrustEnglish National Ballet & Royal National Institute of Blind People.


These latest awards brought the total distributed by the Trust to over £400m since it was established in 1995 as the funding arm of the Bridge House Estates charity – an ancient charity whose sole trustee is the City of London Corporation.

Bridge House Estates is responsible for the maintenance and support of five bridges that cross the Thames into or by the City. The Trust distributes surplus income in any given year for the benefit of Londoners, once the responsibilities relating to the bridges have been met.


Grants agreed included:

£105,000 to Akademi South Asian Dance UK towards the Dance Well project helping older adults to become more active through participating in South Asian dance.

£86,000 to Age UK Wandsworth towards their Advice & Support Service, which provides independent information, advice and support to people aged 60 and over and their carers on subjects such as benefits, housing and receiving community care.

£288,100 to Kalayaan, an organisation which supports vulnerable migrant domestic workers in London and campaigns for their rights. This award will pay for an Immigration Lawyer, allowing them to provide expert advice and information to their client group.

A full list of the awards made can be found below.

Bridging Divides

Connecting the Capital

Akademi South Asian Dance UK


£105,000 over three years (£35,000; £35,000; £35,000) towards the Dance Well project manager, dance artists and associated project running costs.


Brentford FC Community Sports Trust


£63,500 over two years (2 x £31,750) for a part-time Coach and running costs for the organisation’s project for d/Deaf participants.


Calthorpe Project


£260,100 over five years (£50,300; £51,300; £52,100; £52,900; £53,500) for the salary of a full-time Volunteer Manager and related project costs.


Copleston Centre


£127,300 over three years (£41,300; £44,300; £41,700) for a part-time Project Coordinator and Administrator, and associated costs of delivering the Silver Linings programme of activities.


HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network


£194,000 over five years (£50,000; £42,000; £34,000; £34,000; £34,000) towards the salary of a full-time HEAR Network Co-ordinator and running costs of work to develop and support the membership.




£161,640 over three years (£52,816; £53,872; £54,952) to build capacity and voice within civil society organisations by strengthening the evidence base of what works and supporting community organisations to adapt, become resilient and thrive.


Postal Heritage Trust


£20,400 over one year for the development and delivery of a programme of relaxed events for families with children and young people with Autism Spectrum Conditions.




£250,900 over five years (£49,500; £49,000: £49,800; £50,800; £51,800) for the part-time salaries of the Information Officer, the Information Assistant, plus project costs and overheads.


Spare Tyre Theatre Company Limited


£15,500 over one year for continuation of The Garden, specifically targeting care homes that have a large proportion of residents from BAMER groups.


Sydenham Garden


£24,700 over two years (£13,600; £11,100) towards the costs of a part-time Project Worker’s salary, project costs and overheads.


Voluntary Action Lewisham


£100,000 over two years (2 x £50,000) for the salary of a part-time Development Officer and related costs to continue the project improving the evaluation and marketing skills of small organisations in Lewisham.


Positive Transitions

Blind in Business Charitable Trust


£84,000 over two further years (2 x £42,000) for the full-time cost of the Employment manager and a contribution towards Life Coaching to support Blind and Visually Impaired Young Londoners (aged 16-25) into employment.


Bromley Experts by Experience CIC


£34,200 over five years (£10,700; £8,000; £6,200; £5,100; £4,200) for the costs of recruiting and training two Communications & Outreach volunteers, associated project costs, safeguarding training and a contribution to overheads.


Clean Break Theatre


£150,000 over three years (3 x £50,000) for the salary and on-costs of a full-time Head of Participation within the Members Programme.


Face Front Inclusive Theatre Ltd


£70,000 over two further years (2 x £35,000) towards the salary of a full-time Artistic Director and associated running costs in order to provide multi accessible theatre and workshops for young disabled people in transition.




£288,100 over five years (£52,800; £55,400; £58,150; £60,000; £61,750) for an Immigration Lawyer and delivery costs to provide advice to migrant domestic workers in London.


Kensington & Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau Service


£154,450 over three years (£50,200; £51,500; £52,750) towards a full-time Advice Worker and associated running costs for a project working wiith prisoners in HM Prison, Wormwood Scrubs.


Latin American Women’s Aid


£239,000 over five years (5 x £47,800) towards the cost of a full-time Refuge Co-ordinator; a part-time LBTQI Advisor & Outreach Worker; and a contribution towards running costs, including the salary of the Director.


Noa Girls


£77,320 over three years (£26,388; £27,340; £23,592) for the salary of a full-time Keyworker to provide practical, emotional and therapeutical support to vulnerable adolescent girls from the London Orthodox community.




£120,000 over two further years (2 x £60,000) towards the salaries of a Counsellor and Director; supervision, rent and a contribution to core costs.


Advice & Support

Age UK Wandsworth


£86,000 over two further years (2 x £43,000) towards the salaries of a part-time Advice Co-ordinator and First Contact Co-ordinator plus related costs of the Advice & Support Service.


Kosmos Centre


£55,200 over two years (2 x £27,600) towards a part-time Advice and Advocacy Worker, Physical Activity Organiser and associated running costs.


Maternity Action


£138,200 over three years (£44,800; £46,000; £47,400) for a part-time Advice Worker to provide a London specific telephone advice service with additional appointment-based advice and outreach work.


South London Refugee Association


£82,400 over two further years (£40,800; £41,600) for a part-time Advice Co-ordinator and associated running costs.


Greening the Third Sector: Eco Audits

Her Centre Limited


£2,000 to deliver an eco-audit.


Pushkin House Trust


£2,000 to deliver an eco-audit.


Investing in Londoners

Improving Londoners’ Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation


£42,600 over 18 months (£32,400; £10,200) as a contribution towards the Adult Mental Health Project Worker, supervision costs, sessional costs for the training, development of the handbook and associated running costs.


Older Londoners

Elders Voice


£103,500 over two years (£50,050; £53,450) for the part-time Older and Prouder Project Manager and associated project costs.


English National Ballet


£130,000 over three years (£42,000; £44,000; £44,000) for the costs of providing older people’s dance programmes in Tower Hamlets and Hounslow.


Royal National Institute of Blind People


£82,800 over three years (£26,900; £27,600; £28,300) towards the project costs of the Talking Books service for older Londoners.


Cornerstone Fund

H4All Community Interest Company


£336,600 over three years (3 x £112,200) towards a collaboration to improve health and well-being outcomes for residents in LB Hillingdon.


Strategic Initiatives


Cranfield Trust


£492,500 over three years (£161,000; £164,000; £167,500) to provide management capacity-building support to London-based charities through Strive programme.


Lloyds Bank Foundation


£50,000 over one year towards the development of the Local Motion initiative, a place-based funder collaboration.


Women In Prison


£446,000 over three years (£145,500; £148,900; £151,600) to cover the cost of a Programme Manager and four part-time Specialist Advocates across London, plus associated service costs.




£300,000 towards commissioning charitable organisations to provide sub-regional networking and coordination of Young Londoners Fund projects


London Youth 



£320,000 awarded over 3 years to deliver a programme of training and support to help London Youth grantees achieve the London Youth Quality Mark


London Youth Projects 


£100,000 to Youth Groups receiving the Quality Mark for the first time.


Partnership for Young London 

£180,000 to deliver a programme of specialist support to organisations receiving Young Londoners Fund grants.













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