Trust awards over £3.3m to charities tackling inequality


We are pleased to announce that at our recent Committee meeting, the Trust awarded grants totalling over £3.3 million to 33 charities tackling inequality and disadvantage across London.

The grants include:

  • £120,000 to Roots and Shoots in Lambeth to teach young people about biodiversity, the ‘green’ environment and the benefit of growing food locally;
  • £90,000 to Age UK Bexley for its ‘Men in Sheds’ project for older men to socialise and learn new skills through creative woodwork workshops; and
  • £145,000 to One-To-One, an organisation supporting people with learning difficulties to get more involved in community activities in Enfield, to create a ’Community Arts Hub’

An additional grant of £233,300 has been awarded to Prisoners Abroad to support destitute British citizens returning to London after imprisonment overseas.

The Trust has also awarded the Cranfield Trust £68,400 to provide managerial support and expertise to up to 32 London-based charities through its ‘Strive’ programme.


A full list of grants awarded at this meeting can be found below.


Investing in Londoners


Eco Audits


Multiple System Atrophy Trust


£2,000 to undertake an eco-audit.



English for Speakers of Other Languages


Refugee Action Kingston


£141,850 over three years (£46,120; £48,940; £46,790) towards the part-time salary costs of the Education &Training Centre Manager and ESOL Co-ordinator, plus running costs of a programme of ESOL classes, discussion groups and public services workshops.



Improving Londoners’ Mental Health


Chance UK


£91,000 over three years (£27,700; £30,300; £33,000) towards the salary of a Programme Manager to deliver a mentoring programme and parenting support for children aged 5-11 in Lambeth.


Metro Centre


£83,400 over two years (£41,600; £41,800) for a part-time Service Co-ordinator and associated running costs of a project supporting young LGBTQ Londoners.


Spear Housing Association


£92,500 over three years (£13,350; £34,150; £45,000) for the salary costs of the part-time Peer Support Worker, plus training, activities, line management and additional costs associated with the Peer Support and User Involvement programme.


Spitalfields Crypt Trust


£138,000 over three years (£44,800; £46,000; £47,200) for the salary of an Addiction Counsellor and associated project costs.



Improving London’s Environment


Roots and Shoots


£120,200 over three years (£39,300; £40,000; £40,900) for the part-time salaries of the Environmental Education Manager and Gardener Educator.


Stepney City Farm


£45,600 over one year for the salary costs of the CEO to provide strategic leadership and successful expansion of the site, ensuring sustainability of the organisation.


Thames Explorer Trust


£29,720 over three years (£9,944, £18,776, £1,000) towards costs of developing, designing and delivering three self-guided walking trails to improve Londoners’ knowledge and understanding of the River Thames environment.



Making London More Inclusive


Caryl Jenner Productions (aka Unicorn Theatre)


£2,880 to meet the cost of an access audit.


Community Centre for Refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia


£2,500 to meet the cost of an access audit along with the provision of a half-day disability awareness training course for staff and trustees.


Equal People Mencap


£101,000 over two years (£52,600, £48,400) for the salary of the part-time Project Co-ordinator and associated project costs.


Holborn Community Association


£100,000 for the costs of the accessible elements of the wider refurbishment including: a new entrance, installation of a passenger lift, provision of a hearing loop and the modifying of kitchen and reception areas.


Kings Head Theatre


£3,140 towards an access audit, plus consultation with stakeholders and staff training.


One-To-One (Enfield)


£145,800 over three years (£47,300; £48,500; £50,000) towards several staff salaries, sessional staff and associated project costs.


Vineyard Congregational Church


£100,000 to improve the access to both levels of the church, providing two new lifts, improved accessible toilet facilities, new doors and widened entrances.



Older Londoners


Age UK Bexley


£90,300 over three years (£35,600; £35,700; £19,000) towards the posts of Project Co-ordinator, Service Manager and associated running costs.


Kingston Carers Network


£178,000 over three years (£58,000; £59,000; £61,000) for the Outreach Worker; respite acitivities; workshops; and associated running costs of the Older Carers project.


London Children’s Ballet


£60,000 over three years (3 x £20,000) towards the ‘Ballet for £1’ and tours for older isolated people across London.



Reducing Poverty


Bangladesh Youth Movement


£70,000 over three years (£24,000; £23,000; £23,000) towards the cost of Managing Your Money, and specifically a part-time Financial Advice Worker, project delivery costs, overheads and once-off equipment.


Brixton Advice Centre


£146,000 over three years (£48,000, £50,000, £48,000) for the part-time salary of an Advisor and associated project costs.


Cambridge House


£146,500 over three years (£48,100; £49,000; £49,400) for the salary and associated costs of a Crisis Prevention Navigator plus a 12.5% contribution to core costs.


Child Poverty Action Group


£130,000 over two years (2 x £65,000) for a Universal Credit London Welfare Rights Worker, plus associated project costs including training bursaries and Universal Credit handbooks for 50 London organisations.



Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Offenders




£115,000 over three years (£36,000; £38,000; £41,000) towards the costs of Key4Life’s “through the gate” work with 18-24 year olds involved in the HMP Brixton programme.



Strengthening London’s Voluntary Sector


CVS Brent


£134,800 over three years (£44,900, £43,800, £46,100) for the part-time salary of the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer and project running costs.


London Play


£111,000 over two years (£53,800; £57,200) towards the salaries of a Programme Designer and Head of Communications, plus costs of training playground staff and related operational and management costs.


Partnership for Young London


£106,000 over two years (£52,500; £53,500) for the costs of the part-time Development Lead, admin support and associated running costs.


Pro Bono Economics


£150,000 over three years (£30,000, £50,000, £70,000) for associated project costs to support charitable organisations providing services for Londoners.


Partnership Programmes – Hardship Fund


Prisoners Abroad


£233,300 over one year for the continuation of the resettlement fund, supporting destitute British citizens returning to London after imprisonment overseas.


Strategic Initiatives


Cranfield Trust


£68,400 over six months to provide up to 32 London-based charities with management consultancy support through the “Strive” programme.


Ealing CVS


£60,000 over two years (2 x £30,000) towards the salary and associated running costs of a Development Officer to develop Hounslow Giving as part of the London’s Giving network.


Local Trust


£2,000 towards development of an outline case and underlying principles of a Community Wealth Fund.


Trust for London


£300,000 over three years to establish a joint fund to support the extension and sustainability of Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations in providing access to advice, support and voice for disabled Londoners.



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