Funding feedback can speed our decision making


By analysing data and number-crunching, our Data Analyst, Dr Emma Horrigan, is working with the wider City Bridge Trust team to streamline our funding processes.

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As a funder, City Bridge Trust sits on the easier side of the application process, making decisions on the information we need to receive from applicants. Those seeking funding are the ones who have the difficult wait to see if they are eligible for funding. And sometimes a lot of things can happen in that waiting time – such as a global pandemic!

Feedback has shown that we sometimes need to do better at letting applicants know when their application decisions will come through. We understand that applicants need to make plans, and that they need good estimates and information from us.

To help us understand how long it takes for funding decisions to be made, we are digging into our data. A lot of people are involved in every decision so we want to know how long each stage takes, and where potential hold-ups might occur.

With this analysis, we will be better able to estimate how long grant application decisions will take. Not all our funding steams take the same length of time, so we will be able to differentiate between them. For example, we aim to process applications for continuation funding within three months where possible, but applicants may have to wait for up to six months before receiving a decision.

Pinch points and hold-ups

We will also examine some of the pinch points in the funding process and look at how we can improve our processes for faster decision times – benefitting applicants and our own City Bridge Trust team.

While we don’t yet have new estimates on how long it will take to produce funding decisions, all applicants can help speed up decision times by looking out for emails from us, asking for further information. Our preliminary data shows that one of the biggest hold-ups is waiting for additional, requested information to be sent to us.

Our aim is to get even better at keeping funded organisations in the loop, and to maintain communication regarding applications as they move forwards.

We welcome feedback regarding our application processes. We would urge all applicants to leave anonymous feedback via GrantAdvisor or by feeding back directly via your Funding Officers.

Image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash