City Bridge Trust’s environmental action plan: invitation to tender for consultancy


City Bridge Trust wishes to appoint a consultant to help research, develop and implement an ambitious and forward-looking environmental action plan.

The Millennium Bridge, with trees in the foreground

Since the Trust began in 1995, one of its stated priorities has been to support the development of a cleaner and greener London, by making grants to charities focusing on environmental activities.

City Bridge Trust was the catalyst for the development of the London Sustainability Exchange (now merged with Global Action Plan) and pioneered the offer of ‘Eco-audits’ to our grant recipients, helping them to analyse and improve their environmental footprint.

Environmental responsibility remains one of our core values. We want to understand how we can use our specific assets to the greatest possible effect in tackling the climate crisis.

Invitation to tender

For a brief, including full details, please open or download our PDF document: City Bridge Trust Environmental Consultancy Brief

Initial tenders should be sent to by noon on Wednesday 22nd September 2021. For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact