Bridging Divides: A Pause to Adapt

Currently, new applications to most of our Bridging Divides programmes are paused. This is to give us time to analyse and adapt our funding offer. However, applications to the London Community Response Fund remain open.


As many of you know, new applications to most of our Bridging Divides programmes are currently paused. During the COVID pandemic, City Bridge Trust has worked collaboratively to support the sector in several ways:  


  • We liaised with our current funded organisations to assess their needs and support their ability to deliver  
  • We allocated one-off grants to current portfolio smaller organisations  
  • We allowed funded organisations to move programmatic funds to core funding if required 
  • We streamlined reporting and applications to be as simple and painless as possible.   


Our work with London Community Response Fund continues.We are still committed to collaboration and are continuing to participate in the London Community Response. We are convening the LCRF advisory panel and administering the grants. Looking ahead, we will continue to stand with the sector, and will continue to play a key role in this critical fund, constantly analysing it to ensure it meets the sector’s ever-changing needs and reaches those who need it most.  


We are listening and learning and know that, given the current context, our Bridging Divides programme may need to be fine-tuned to better help you tackle current issues – which is what we are now doing. Over the rest of 2020, we will continue to pause the Bridging Divides programme to new applications as we look at our current funding offer. We recognise the importance of the Trust to you and our core commitment to long term funding will not be compromised by the need, now, to also consider short term support such as that provided by the LCRF. 


We will make an announcement when we are once again open for applications. Please keep an eye on our website and twitter. 



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