Year: 2021


Over £3.9m awarded at January 2021’s committee

Bridging Divides – Advice and Support 999 Club £67,650 for a further and final two years (£33,125; £34,525) for the salary and on-costs of a... more »

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Our Current Data

I’m Dr Emma Horrigan and I’m the data analyst at City Bridge Trust. I’ve now been in this role for 9 months and I have... more »

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Whilst our Funding Programme, Bridging Divides remains temporarily on pause, we are pleased to announce that the most recent wave of funding via the London... more »

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COVID-19: Still Standing with the Sector

With our partner funders, we recognise that the covid-19 outbreak is an exceptional event that will have an impact on civil society groups and we... more »

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