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Arts Apprenticeships

Please note that this programme is now closed.

We fund many organisations which use the Arts to deliver positive outcomes for disadvantaged people. Our publication The Arts Case: Why the arts make a difference evidences the values of such work.

Arts organisations and arts activity are attractive to young people as they offer the chance to be creative, challenging and inspiring. In turn, the Arts sector has a long history of offering apprenticeships and internships, valuable opportunities for young people to get a foot on the work ladder.

With effect from 1st October 2013, we are following the lead of the Arts Council's Creative Employment Programme (CEP) in supporting Arts organisations to offer apprenticeships to young people. The CEP scheme (managed by Creative and Cultural Skills and running until November 2015) offers grants of up to £2,000 to organisations to cover some of the wage costs of taking on a new apprentice.

Groups which meet our criteria (see below) can now apply for match funding when they have the £2,000 CEP funding in place (or a decision imminent).

Please read our criteria carefully as some of them will differ from the CEP's requirements.

City Bridge Trust funding will be for £2,000 per apprentice and can be used only for wage costs and at National Minimum Wage rates.

Arts apprenticeship funding - key criteria

Organisations must have secured, or be about to secure (ie have already submitted an application), £2,000 funding for an apprentice under the Arts Council's Creative Employment Programme (CEP).

Applications must be submitted within two months of an organisation's CEP funding being confirmed.

Please note, all grants are as match funding to the CEP funding and so are dependent on that being in place. Furthermore, City Bridge Trust funding must only be used to support the same apprentice as funded by CEP. Our funding is available only for formal apprenticeships and not for internships or other schemes.

To be eligible for Trust funding organisations must be either: a registered charity; a charitable company; a registered charitable incorporated organisation; an exempt or accepted charity; or an industrial and provident society.

Organisations must be able to submit independently examined or audited accounts covering at least one full year.

Organisations must be based in and deliver work in Greater London (defined as comprising the 32 London Boroughs and the City) for the benefit of Londoners.

Organisations must have at least one full-time paid employee, both at the time of application and throughout the period of the grant.

Grants can only be used to cover the direct wage costs of the apprentice (as is the case with CEP funding). The apprentice must be paid at a level at least commensurate with the National Minimum Wage (not the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage) for all hours worked.

A single organisation can apply for and hold Trust funding for up to a maximum of two apprentices at any one time. (An organisation which holds other funding from the Trust, or intends to apply to one of our other programmes, is able to do so at any time in addition to apprenticeship funding under this programme.)

For consortium bids which have been successful in securing CEP funding, the Trust will fund a maximum of one apprentice per eligible organisation within that consortium. (Eg a consortium of five groups of which four were eligible under our criteria and which has secured CEP funding for eight apprentices could only apply to the Trust for funding for four apprentices - one per eligible organisation.) In these circumstances each eligible organisation will need to make a separate application to the Trust as any grant awarded would be made to that organisation and not to the consortium.

Please note that your holding of CEP funding does not guarantee that Trust funding will follow. In the event of an unsuccessful application for apprenticeship funding an organisation cannot make a new application for these funds until at least 12 months after the original application was submitted.

How to apply

Organisations must submit an online application to the Trust using our bespoke Arts Apprenticeship form. Please do not apply using our main Investing in Londoners form. We hope to give you a decision within seven weeks.

Please note that is programme is now closed.                               

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